4th Stimulus Check CONFIRMED by Joe Biden and Senate, $1400 Check and More Updates

When will the pandemic end? This happens to be the most asked question there. Even the government’s budget is struggling because of the never-ending pandemic scenario. We have already lost many lives due to the sudden outbreak of coronavirus. The financial budget all over the world has been hampered. The western countries too have faced … Read more

4th Stimulus Check $ 2000 CONFIRMED by Joe Biden, Criteria, Tax Refund and More

The pandemic situation is getting worse in the United States of America. After the massive rise in COVID-19 variant Omicron cases, US citizens are demanding a 4th stimulus check. Let’s read more details in this article.  The COVID-19 is responsible for the rise in unemployment. Many US citizens got unemployed in the pandemic. They are … Read more

Why Austin Russell, the youngest BILLIONAIRE is considered the biggest competitor by Elon Musk?

Austin Russell, 23  is giving tough competition to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Russell founded his self-driving car technology. While Austin was just 17 years old and was still in High school he developed his own car technology. He named his company Luminar. Russell is indeed a prodigy. He memorized the periodic table when he was just … Read more

DISGUSTING Statement by Marjorie Greene COMPARING Covid-19 and Cancer, Critics Demanding Her to RESIGN

Introduction The representative of the Republic, Marjorie Taylor Greene has made some gloomy statements against the safety protocols of the coronavirus on Saturday and as the aftermath got some backlash when she compared the infection of this contagious disease with the deadly disease cancer. The Republican of Georgia posted a message on Twitter where she … Read more