Caroline McWilliams Cause of Death: How the Actress Lost Her Battle with Cancer

Caroline McWilliams was a talented and versatile actress who appeared in many TV shows and movies, as well as on stage. She was best known for her roles in Soap, Benson, and Beverly Hills, 90210. She was also the only wife of actor Michael Keaton, with whom she had a son, Sean Douglas. Sadly, she passed away in 2010 at the age of 64. What was the cause of her death? Here is what we know.

Multiple Myeloma: A Rare and Aggressive Cancer

According to AmoMama, McWilliams died from complications of multiple myeloma, a type of cancer that affects plasma cells in the bone marrow. Plasma cells are a type of white blood cell that produce antibodies to fight infections. However, when they become cancerous, they grow out of control and crowd out normal blood cells. This can cause various problems, such as anemia, kidney failure, bone pain, fractures, infections, and nerve damage.

Multiple myeloma is a rare and aggressive cancer that has no cure. It is more common in older adults and in men than in women. The exact cause of multiple myeloma is unknown, but some risk factors include exposure to radiation, chemicals, or certain viruses, family history, and having other plasma cell disorders.

McWilliams’ Diagnosis and Treatment

McWilliams was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2007, according to her sister Kelly-Jo Dvareckas. She underwent chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation to try to slow down the progression of the disease. She also participated in clinical trials for new drugs and treatments.

Despite her illness, McWilliams continued to work as an actress and a director until 2009. She also remained close to her ex-husband Keaton and their son Douglas, who is a successful singer-songwriter. Keaton praised McWilliams as a “remarkable mom” who raised their son to be a “great guy”.

McWilliams’ Final Days and Legacy

On February 11, 2010, McWilliams passed away at her home in Los Angeles, California. She was surrounded by her family and friends. She was cremated and her ashes were scattered in the Pacific Ocean.

McWilliams left behind a legacy of artistic excellence and creativity. She was admired by her colleagues and fans for her talent, versatility, and charm. She also inspired many people with her courage and resilience in facing her cancer battle.

She will always be remembered as a beloved actress, mother, sister, friend, and human being.

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