Carlyn Rosser Cause of Death: How Patrick Duffy Lost His Longtime Love

Carlyn Rosser was a ballet dancer, musician, and art collector who was married to actor Patrick Duffy for over 40 years. She passed away in 2017, leaving behind a legacy of love and creativity. In this article, we will explore Carlyn Rosser’s cause of death, her life story, and how Patrick Duffy coped with the loss of his soulmate.

Carlyn Rosser’s Early Life and Career

Carlyn Rosser was born on July 27, 1939, in Charleston, South Carolina. She was the daughter of Annette and William Frederick Rosser, and had a sister named Roberta Rosser Zito. She attended San Diego High School and developed a passion for ballet. She became a professional dancer and joined the First Chamber Dance Company of New York. She also had a perfect pitch and played the concert piano.

Carlyn Rosser’s Marriage to Patrick Duffy

Carlyn Rosser met Patrick Duffy in 1973, when he was a narrator for a dance production company that she was part of. They fell in love at first sight, despite their 10-year age difference and the fact that Carlyn was already married to another man. Carlyn divorced her first husband and married Patrick in 1974. They had two sons, Padraic and Conor Duffy, and four grandchildren.

Carlyn and Patrick had one of the most enduring and happy marriages in Hollywood. They lived on a ranch in Oregon, where they collected American art and enjoyed nature. They also supported each other’s careers and shared a common interest in Buddhism. Patrick once said that Carlyn was his best friend and the love of his life.

Carlyn Rosser’s Death and Legacy

Carlyn Rosser died on January 23, 2017, at the age of 77. The exact cause of her death was not publicly disclosed, but Patrick revealed that she had been suffering from cancer for some time. He said that she died peacefully in her sleep, surrounded by her family.

Patrick was devastated by the loss of his wife, but he also expressed gratitude for the time they had together. He said that he still felt her presence and guidance in his life. He also found comfort in his children, grandchildren, friends, and fans. He continued to work as an actor, appearing in shows like The Bold and the Beautiful and Welcome to Sweden.

Carlyn Rosser’s death was a tragic loss for Patrick Duffy and everyone who knew her. She was a talented and artistic woman who lived a full and joyful life. She left behind a legacy of love and creativity that will always be remembered by her family, friends, and fans.

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