Britney Spears CONFIRMS on Instagram to be pregnant with twins

Did you see the baby bump? Is the popstar expecting twins? Is Britney Spears pregnant? Has she confirmed the news? Are the rumors true? Well, that’s too many questions in one go. But guess what, we might have the answers you are looking for. Looks like the good news is out. The rumors might be true! The star has recently claimed rumors. Yes, you heard it right, Britney Spears is ready for her third child. She has confirmed the rumors! I know you all are dying to know the inside details of the story. So I won’t stretch it further and let’s quickly jump into the main discussion of the day.

Britney Spears Is Pregnant! The Popstar Is Ready To Start Her Family With Sam Asghari!

Let us all congratulate the pop star! Britney Spears, the shining superstar of the music industry is heading for her third child. Her Instagram post clearly speaks about it! She is having her third child with her current fiancé Sam Asghari. The post labels Sam as her husband! This obviously raises a new question for Britney Spears. Is she secretly married to Sam Asghari? Well, this is the first time Britney has called Sam her husband. Looks like the pop star has tied the wedding knot with Sam Asghari. Keeping that topic aside for now, let’s talk about her pregnancy news. The popstar is really happy. Currently, she is avoiding the media and paparazzi. This is a very special moment in her life and obviously, she wants a bit of privacy.

Britney Spears Is Expecting Twins? Is The Rumour Really True?

Well, this is the biggest news out there! The rumor can be true. Looks like the pop singer is expecting twins this time. Her love life is going at a smooth pace. She is loving her time with Sam Asghari. A few months back, she openly said she wanted to share a big family with Sam. Guess what, she is working on her dream. The two are about to share their first child! They are surely not planning for one but two kids! Yes, the pop star has teased us about it. She didn’t confirm it completely. But she surely hinted to us about twins! The mother of two might soon become the mother of four! Two new members are coming into her life.

Britney Spears shares two kids with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline. Her fans are really happy for her. Her friends and close family members have blasted her Instagram post. They can’t wait to welcome her third child. Her baby bump is getting big day by day. She is initially hoping for twins. Sam Asghari is also excited to start his family life with Britney. They understand each other really well and they clearly can’t wait to get on board with their family plan. We will keep you updated on this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on juicy celebrity gossip and inside tales, stay connected with us, just right here.

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