Brightburn 2 Release Date; Will James Gunn Direct It?

Brightburn Movie Overview

Brightburn is directed by David Yarovesky and stars Elizabeth Banks and Jackson A. Dunn as a boy, crash-landed from another world, discovers he has superpowers, but instead of being a symbol for hope, he has far more sinister intentions. This movie seems to be a bit polarizing amongst the film-loving community, so going in, viewers’ expectations were lower than the original hype level I had after that first trailer. The premise was so cool, so promising, it couldn’t possibly be that middling.  Well, the problem here was the expectation of a superhero/ villain origin story that checked all the boxes and provided us with character and depth, but what we got was more in line with a straight-up horror slasher film. And while that may not have been what some wanted, the audience found it to be very enjoyable. But Fans Are Hopeful With the rumored release of Brightburn 2.

How did The Audience like It?

Let’s also get another thing clear. This film does draw a lot of comparisons from Superman in premise, but story and structure-wise, it is very different and actually pretty unique in the way it plays out. The audience liked the performances for the most part. Banks and Denman did a great job of selling the emotional aspects of what it would be like to find out your child was pure evil incarnate and despite the fact that the script pretty much asks them to turn on a dime, they make it believable. Dunn as the boy gives a very quiet and understated, but also terrifying performance that makes you feel very uneasy every time he looks your way. The movie looks fantastic and the effects, for what they were budgeted at, are pretty damn good and realistic. The film had way more blood and gore than anyone originally thought, which was awesome, and they incorporate it well.

However, the characters and story were pretty thin, they didn’t provide a lot of explanations but expecting the direction to clear it well this time, the consumers with a horror spin on the superhero genre would wait for Brightburn 2. It includes a credit scene that hints that a sequel will happen.

Brightburn 2 Release Date

We can’t predict the exact date when will Brightburn 2 could smash hit the theatres. The producer of Brightburn 2 James Gunn is currently planning and preparing a production on The Suicide Squad only after that he will be able to look forward to the sequel of Brightburn . After The success of Brightburn, the producer must be fondly anticipating making the sequel until the first movie fades down its praise and appreciation. It was a great success because it’s currently earning almost 13 million dollar on the box office with a budget of only 6 million dollars. It can be a reason that Netflix is the prime consumer as the subscriptions are increasing fast and the audience likes the movie of this type, everybody likes superman and horror film so, it is more fascinating for the viewers. It is heading towards the top 10 in this genre which makes it very surprising streaming for everyone.

So, it is expected that the makers will start reshooting soon and we will be able to see Brightburn 2 near 2022 mid.


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