Brie Larson FIRED from Captain Marvel role after Relationship Rumor with Chris Hemsworth, Rumor Explained

Brie Larson was fired from the Captain Marvel sequel amid rumors that she is in a relationship with Chris Hemsworth. we will all the details about this rumor and is it true that she has also been removed from the Marvel franchise. Brie Larson is an American Actress and filmmaker who has been known popularly for her role in Captain Marvel she plays the titular role of Captain Marvel. Recently she has been getting lots of attention from the media for her thoughts on politics.

While Brie Larson has been rumored to have been fired by Marvel from Captain Marvel 2 aka The Marvels and someone else is being cast on that role. But According to rumors that began earlier that she is not fired from anything as of now.

In fact to those who would love to see her fired she is loved by Marvel and Very bright future in the franchise and we could be seeing her more in movies of marvel. Recently Brie Larson shared a new logo for The Marvels and it has the internet wondering why did she change the logo and why did the studio decide to do that.

Here is the new logo that she shared on her Instagram account


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Let’s Talk About her involvement with actor Chris Hemsworth.

While There have been several reports of them being in a relationship and their love has caused much trouble and both of them are getting fired and many other things are being said about them. To put an end to we decided to do some research and here what we have found.

  • No, she is not involved in any kind of relationship with actor Chris Hemsworth and they are not involved romantically in any sort of thing.
  • They have openly told that they admire each other’s work and would love o work with each other again.
  • yes, there is chemistry amazing on screen but that doesn’t it has to be in real life they both are happy in their own life.

What are Chris Hemsworth and Brie Larson are Doing currently?

While the sources have confirmed Chris Hemsworth is currently shooting for the next movie Thor: Love and Thunder which is set to release in July 2022. While Brie Larson is shooting for current ongoing projects recently she has been shooting for a project Room and where she shed details about how she went full method acting for the role and how much it affected her on a personnel level. For Captain Marvel 2 while no details are particular about it and but sources say that the shooting for the film has already ended or maybe it is still yet to start. For The Marvels, it is decided to release in February 2023.

What about Chris Hemsworth and Brie Larson Love Life?

while Brie Larson has been off-market since 2019 but she is currently dating Elijah Allan-Blitz and now two have dated for almost 2 years and they made their first appearance as a couple in February 2020.

While Chris Hemsworth is a successful actor and is married to Elsa Pataky and has 3 kids and is happy in his life.


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