Boubacar Kone Cause of Death: How the Museum Founder and CCH Pounder’s Husband Passed Away

Boubacar Kone was a Senegalese businessman, museum founder, and the husband of actress CCH Pounder. He died on August 3, 2016, in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 74 years old. A concise autopsy showed that there was no foul play about his death and he had died of natural causes.

Who Was Boubacar Kone?

Boubacar Kone was born on October 25, 1942, in Senegal. He attended the Institute of International Journalism in Strasbourg, France and was a member des Laboratoires (Etude de Systems de Pensees des Religions Africaine) in Dakar. He was also a co-founder of the Musee Boribana, a museum of contemporary art, the first such museum in Dakar which he and his wife gifted to the Senegalese people in 2014. He also co-owned the Pounder-Kone Art Space in Los Angeles with his wife.

How Did He Meet CCH Pounder?

Boubacar Kone met CCH Pounder, a Guyanese-American actress known for her roles in The Shield, Avatar, and NCIS: New Orleans, in the late 1960s. They married in 1970 and had three children: Cheik, Aisha, and Libya. They also had six grandchildren: Raven, Cydney, Cheik, Elisa, Michele, and Kelly.

What Was His Legacy?

Boubacar Kone was a passionate supporter of African art and culture. He and his wife collected over 500 pieces of contemporary African art and displayed them in their museums. They also donated some of their artworks to various institutions, such as the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art and the Fowler Museum at UCLA. He was also involved in philanthropic causes, such as the African Millennium Foundation and the Empire Des Enfants.

How Did His Family and Friends React to His Death?

Boubacar Kone’s death was mourned by his family, friends, and fans. His wife CCH Pounder said that he was her “best friend” and “soulmate”. She also thanked everyone for their condolences and prayers. His former colleagues and co-workers also expressed their sadness and admiration for him. Nandi Bowe, a friend of the couple, said that he was “such a handsome and striking man” and that he and CCH were “such a beautiful and powerful team”. Angela Robinson Witherspoon, another friend of the couple, said that he was “so warm and friendly” and that she was glad that their lives overlapped.

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