Boruto Episode 231 Air Date, Leaks, Preview And Spoiler Discussions

Boruto 2: Naruto Next Generation is one of the most hyped anime of the year. Around 230 episodes of the anime were released last year. Fans are quite excited about the release of the next episode. Let’s find out more details of further episode releases in this article. Boruto Episode 231 was all set to release on January 2. However, the new episode was not aired on its usual schedule. Fans were quite excited for the first episode of the new year. The main reason behind the delay in the episode is Japan’s new year’s week celebration.

Not just Boruto but other anime releases have also been delayed. The main reason is the same for all. This is not a new thing that happened in the anime industry. Similar postponements have been witnessed in the past as well. The other shows delayed are Eighty-Six and One Piece.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation’s new episode will be released on January 9. Boruto Episode 231 is named Rusted Sword. It will be released at 5:30 PM JST/ 2:00 AM PT/ 4:00 AM CT/ 5:00 AM EST/ 10:00 AM BST. Fans who have subscribed to Crunchyroll and Funimation will be able to see the episode on the same date. The free release of the episode will be on January 16.

Boruto was a massive success in the year 2021. Boruto Episode 231 will feature the arrest of a group of thieves by Team 15. Among the group, one of the members may be a strong samurai warrior. Suzumeno Namida, Izuno Wasabi and Kurogane Tsubaki are a part of Team 15.

The next chapter of the manga series Boruto: Naruto Next generation will be released on January 20 worldwide. The first preview of chapter 66 is expected to be released on January 15. No new spoilers have been released yet.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is a sequel to the Naruto Shippuden series. The original writer of the manga series was Ukyo Kodachi. After some time the writing was passed on to Masashi Kishimoto. In May 2016 the Boruto series was serialized and released in Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. Till now 13 manga series have been released. The manga series was adapted into animation which was released in April 2017. However, years before the release of the anime series a Boruto movie was released.

In the previous episode of Boruto, we saw a huge fight. Cho-Cho was injured as he was trying to save Kawaki, Mozuku, and Shikadai. Kawaki got the last chance to help Nara Shikadai and Cho-Cho to protect Mozuku. He is tasked by the Seventh Hokage to bring Mozuku back to his home, the Land of Calm Seas. On the other hand, Konohamaru meets Naruto and Shikamaru about the killing of young boys by Shinobi. Team 7 is sent by Naruto to the forest for reinforcement. Mitsuki also realizes that Boruto was right about the two shinobi who they meet in the forest. We saw that Mozuku died in the last episode while protecting Kawaka.

The upcoming episode will be interesting to see as the mystery behind the Land of Calm seas will finally unfold.


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