Boruto Episode 228 Air Date, Leaks, Preview And Spoiler Discussions


After the Fourth Shinobi World war which ended successfully, the hidden leaf village is now going through a time of tranquillity, enrichment, and advanced technological growth. All this is possible because of the endeavor of the Allied Shinobi Force and the seventh Hokage of the village, Naruto Uzumaki. Developing like an advanced capital, the village has transformed along with the lifestyle of shinobis. Under the supervision of Naruto and his friends and whole new Ninja, generation has grown up to walk in the way of Shinobis. The Japanese manga adaptation Boruto Episode 228 is the next installment of a Japanese anime entitled ‘Kawaki’s Path to Becoming a Ninja’. Before we get into spoilers, let’s take a quick look back at the previous episode.

Recap of Previous Episode

Boruto and Mitsuki arrived late at the Chunin test site, and Konohamaru removed them from the list. Sarada holds the band in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 227.

Sarada is very excited about being the next Chunin. Sakura decided to arrange a party for Sarada. She mentions to Sarada that the Chunin event will start in three days. Sarada is very happy to be the leader of team 7. She met Boruto and Mitsuki with a form she had to complete and sign. Sarada has been given a new project.

Apart from that, Mirai returns injured from the job given to her by Konohamaru. The task was supposed to be simple, but complex and everything changed drastically, Mirai got revealed. Leaders of Hidden Leaf Village decided to send Team 7 as a backup.

They come to the village and Boruto interrupts Hyogo and his men while Konohamaru decides to be free. As the fog sank, Sarada and Mitsuki began to drop their goons. Mitsuki tells Konohamaru that all the residents of the village had been saved by them.

Konohamaru prevents Hyogo from escaping with the help of his team and is upset about how well his students have progressed. Chunin event begins, with Naruto officially announcing Sarada, Houki, Denki, and Wasabi as Chunin. Team 7 takes a photo with Konohamaru to commemorate their time together.

What’ll Happen in Boruto Episode 228?

Now let’s see what happens to Boruto Episode 228. Kawaki is determined to be a genin. Shikamaru and Naruto do Kawaki special tests to test his ability to be Chunin.

Recently, builders abandoned the official trailer for Boruto Episode 228, which shows Kawaki meeting Lord Seventh and Shikamaru. They want him to be tested for the position of genin. Shikamaru says he wants Kawaki to join the D-Rank mission first. During the operation, they will test him and qualify him for genin.

Kawaki agrees and visits these missions but it looks like he could face a tough time on the missions in Boruto Episode 228.

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When and Where to Watch?

If everything stays the way it is planned now, the upcoming Boruto Episode 228 will be released as per schedule on Sunday, 5th December of this year. The fresh episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next-generation broadcast on a weekly basis, every Sunday. The Time of the release is 3:30 AM in Eastern Standard Time. Just like the other episodes, Boruto Episode 228 will also be available to watch on various streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, AnimeLab, Hulu, and Funimation.

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