Bob Hearts Abishola Season 3 Episode 2 Releasing On This Date

Bob Hearts Abishola Season 3 has finally aired. Have you watched the first episode yet? The last two seasons of the show were really loving. Now after the release of episode 1 of season 3, people have been asking about Episode 2! Well, hold on right here! We bring to you everything we know about Bob Hearts Abishola season 3 episode 2!

All About Bob Hearts Abishola Is Down Here!

Bob Hearts Abishola is a very famous show produced by Warner Bros. It has recently come up with another new season. It is a very famous ongoing American sitcom that has millions of fans out there. The show depicts a beautiful story of a simple man named Bob who lives along with his mother and other two twin siblings. His life goes through a major change when he finds out about his heart disease. Thus unwillingly he shifts to the hospital. Who would have guessed he will find a lifesaver and a life partner there!? Bob meets up with the generous and humble nurse Abishola in the hospital. Sooner both developed feelings for one another. With many major and minor twists and turns, this series is best to binge-watch.

Get A Recap Of Bob Hearts Abishola Season 3 Episode 1, Just Down Here!

Bob Hearts Abishola Season 3 Episode 1 was aired recently 2 days back on 20th September 2021. The episode was named “Welcome to Lagos”. In Season 2 of the show, we saw the last episode ended up on a cliffhanger. We saw Bob, Abishola along with their uncle and aunt fly to Nigeria for retrieving Abishola’s son. All of them want to take him back to America.

Thus, this time in the first episode we start off with none other than, Lagos. In the last season, we also witnessed Tayo realizes his mistake and understands Abishola’s feeling for her son. But surprisingly, the couple found Dele to be very happy in America. He was living with his stepsisters and other Nigerian family members. He is seen getting really involved in the Nigerian culture. Not only that, Dele also managed to get placed in the best medical school in the city. Dele was heading forward to his bright future. All this eventually satisfied Abishola as well.

On the other side of the episode, we find out about Abishola’s mother. We saw she was happy with Toya’s decision of keeping Dele with him but she was also on side of her stubborn daughter. Toya and Bob were seen talking to each other. Toya finally talked about his feelings towards Dele. He said it would be best for Dele to stay with him in Nigeria. Lastly, Bob gets a call from Abishola where she emotionally said she would not take Dele to America. Before going to America, the couple decides to get married in Nigeria. The marriage ceremony happens in front of Dele and all of Abishola’s extended family.

When Will Bob Hearts Abishola Season 3 Episode 2 Release?

Bob Hearts Abishola Season 3 Episode 2 has been officially scheduled to air in few days, on 27th September 2021, precisely at 8:30 ET. The show will be released on CBS Network in the United States and also on CTV in Canada. If you don’t have these channels, you can surely see the show on CBS’ official website. You will find all the episodes there, after 24 hours of its release official release date on cable TV networks. Moreover, you can also enjoy the show,Bob Hearts Abishola Season 3 Episode 2 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video as well.

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