Blake Lively HATES Gal Gadot for FLIRTING with Ryan Reynolds in Red Notice

Blake Lively who is famous for her role in The Sisterhood of the Pants as Bridget Vreeland is currently hitched to Detective Pikachu fame Ryan Reynolds. The couple has always maintained a private relationship from the beginning and to such an extent that their wedding pictures are not released to date. The Couple also has three children together. But the emerging of a rift rumor has bought them into the limelight. Before discussing it any further let’s throw light on their relationship and everything we know about it.

How Did It Begin?

The royalty couple met on the sets of Green Lantern in 2010 for the first time where the two were involved with different partners at that time. Blake was involved with Penn Badgley while Ryan was hitched to marvel fame Scarlett Johansson. The same year, these co-stars coincidently ended their respective relationships.  A year after this lively was linked Leonardo DiCaprio as they were spotted together at various events including the Cannes Film Festival that year. But the same year certain sources confirmed the relationship of green lantern costars which was then followed by a private low-key wedding of the two in 2012.

In 2014, the couple appeared in the Met Gala donning the outfits from Gucci. The same year the couple announced their first pregnancy and welcomed their daughter James. In 2016, just before the revelation of the second pregnancy, Deadpool fame revealed how the couple first met on a double date where instead of being together they came in with separate partners. The actors welcomed their second daughter Inez Reynolds in October 2016.

Two years after some rumors were seen hitting the markets which stated that the two are heading towards a divorce which was shunned down by Detective Pikachu fame in a mocking statement that he cud use a little me time. The rumors all the more ended for good when the couple announced that they were expecting another child whom the gossip girl fame gave birth in October 2019. However, this time the confirmation for neither the birth nor the name and gender was given by the couple up until Taylor Swift‘s Folklore release. Taylor who was even present during the couple’s first pregnancy released the song BETTY in her album title Folklore where mentions of James and Inez could be seen. This gave the confirmation of the third child being a girl and named Betty.

Red Notice And The Rumor

But recently Ryan Reynolds paired with Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot for a movie titled Red Notice. The actor seems to hold quite a good bond with his co-stars and they often discuss their daughters as stated by Ryan Reynolds. The pairing gave rise to certain rumors of Ryan and Gal flirting which has led to major disliking by Blake Lively.

The Truth

However, there is no confirmation on the rumor and even if the two actors were flirting, the bond between the green lantern costars is strong enough to tackle it and as of now, everything seems pretty normal and positive between the actors. Ryan was even seen sharing the story of the first move made by him on the gossip girl star and how they ended up being together after being friends for a year and a half. So any negative news from the couple is not expected and there’s nothing to worry about for now.


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