Blade filming delayed till October 2022: Read to know why

Marvel Studios Blade is again on our radar. And now this time it’s about filming. But as fans know the filming will start this July. But now Mahershala Ali’s most awaited film Blade’s filming is now delayed. Fans can’t wait to see Mahershala Ali as Blade in action.

Fans have been waiting for a long time for Mahershala Ali, to take his silver Blade, and hunt down vampires. Since the official announcement has come for the Blade movie and the titular role will be played by Mahershala Ali, fans are waiting for updates about this movie. But in the third movie of phase 4 which is in Eternals, in the post-credit scene, we get to see Dane Whitman who going to take the Ebony Blade, and a voice came from the back “Sure, you are ready for that Mr. Whitman”. Mahershala Ali is a very great actor and fans can’t wait to watch him in Blade. But the filming of Blade has gone delayed until some months.

About the delay in the filming of Marvel Studios Blade

It was previously known as the Blade movies’ filming will start from July 2022 in Atlanta. But now the project is going to a delayed. Blade movie has gone delayed until October 2022. According to reports that Blade filming will start in October 2022, at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. It also looks like that will movie will also do filming in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Morocco. The reason for the delay in the filming of this movie was not given.

Why did the filming of Blade get delayed?

No such reason has been given for the delay in the filming of Blade. But fans could think why the Blade movie has gone for delayed. The main and big reason is the changes in the script. In the script of Blade, the script writer can do some changes for that movie so, that is the reason why the filming of this movie is gets delayed. Another reason is the casting problems. Many cast of Blade is not yet confirmed and actors are still in the talks, and they can’t start filming with the half cast of the film, or as new characters were added in the film, so Marvel has started searching for the actors or actresses. Many reasons are there for the delay of the Blade movie.

The expected plot of the upcoming Blade movie

Well, it’s quite hard to tell the plot of Blade, as this movie is a very turnaround movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe. But we could tell that this movie is going to be epic, and in the movie, we could see many supernatural-powered heroes. Along with what is the relationship between Dane Whitman and Blade, we get a clear conception regarding that. Fans are highly expected to see Dracula in the movie as the main villain. Yeah, it is quite funny to listen to that, it’s a Blade movie and we couldn’t get to see any vampires or Dracula. But you can’t tell anything to Marvel as they can do anything in the movie, they could also bring some different villains in the movie. The filming of Blade will start in October.

Expected release date of Blade

The fans are highly expecting that the film would release in 2023. Currently, Disney is holding a slot of November 13th, 2023, which will be great for Marvel to release in that slot in November. Fans hope to see Blade in the World on November 13th, 2023. Previously many fans have thought that the Blade movie coming on Halloween 2022, but it’s not. But, fans might also get that movie on the Halloween of 2023. These two are the expected date of Blade.

Fans are very much excited to watch Blade in action in Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Blade is one of the important characters in Marvel. And he is now coming into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Mahershala Ali will portray the role of Blade. He has previously done a voice-over cameo role in Eternals post-credit scene. Many other actors and actresses have also joined the Blade movie. Previously the filming was set for, July 2022. Now, the filming got delayed and the filming will start in October 2022. Fans can’t wait to Mahershala Ali as Blade in its solo film.

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