Blacklist Season 9 Episode 3 Air Date And Things To Know Before Watching

Fans are highly excited as after a very long wait, we finally have Blacklist Season 9 Episode 3 on our watch list. The show has recently been aired and we already have seen 2 episodes of the show. The first two episodes of the brand new season of Blacklist have left us in shock and surprise. There is so much curiosity in the mind of all the viewers out there. We want to know what happens next in this crime tale. Stay tuned as we unfold to you all about Blacklist Season 9, just right here.

What Happened Previously On Blacklist Season 9?

After 8 successful seasons, Blacklist is again back with its season nine to entertain the audience out there. The viewers are highly excited and interested to know all about Blacklist Season 9. Episodes 1 and 2 have already been aired. Have you watched it yet? Before moving towards Episode 3, we would like to give you a quick recap of what happened previously on the show. Lastly, on the show, we saw Chen and his whole family were under the control of Beck. The Cooper team has to rescue them all.

Eventually, this lead the team to the Senator, who hesitantly agreed to help them. On the other hand, Beck forced Chen to make SCG Microchips. One of Chen’s friends stopped him to do so. But Chen was highly worried about his family and thus gave in to the demand of Beck. We saw a lot of drama and action in the show previously. At last, Beck was shot dead by the team. But does this mean, the team is free from problems? Let’s not delay any further and jump straight onto the main discussion of the day.

When Will Blacklist Season 9 Episode 3 Release?

We are highly excited as Blacklist Season 9 Episode 3 is just around the corner. The next episode of the brand new season of Blacklist is all set and scheduled to get aired this upcoming month, on 4th November 2021. Blacklist Season 9 Episode 3 is all set to get released on the NBC network, sharp at 8:00 pm ET. Are you excited to unfold some new mystery tales?

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What happens In Blacklist Season 9 Episode 3?

Thinking about what will happen next on Blacklist season 9 episode 3? Well, then we are here to help you out on that. We loved how this new season of the show has started off. We already have seen two superhit episodes previously on the show and currently, we are watching out for the third one. Looks like there is going to be more action and drama in the show. So many truths and shocks are yet to be out.

Cooper’s team is now free from Chen’s tension. Now they will have to deal with some other new cases. Thus we are hoping to get something highly interesting onboard really soon. On the other hand, Aram might be in tight problems ahead in the future. Things might go messier for him. Watch out as things are soon going to go out of hand! We are hoping to get more blockbuster episodes in the upcoming episodes of Blacklist Season 9. For more updates on the latest movies and shows stay connected with us.

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