Black Mirror Season 6 coming to Netflix Confirmed

Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror is coming again as the last episode was streamed 3 years ago. By combining all the seasons of Black Mirror we get to see just only 22 episodes. Season 5 of Black Mirror consists of 3 episodes just like the first season. In this article, we shall discuss Black Mirror Season 6.

Black Mirror is coming back to Netflix and it is confirmed. According to a report, the streamer has commissioned a sixth season of the dystopian sci-fi show Black Mirror. The last season just consists of three episodes and it was three years back. The episode names were Rachael, Jack, and Ashley too, Smithereens, and Striking Vipers. This series has got an 8.8 rating from IMDB. Now fans are just counting the time when the wait will finish and the thrilling season 6 will come.

What’s there in the report about Black Mirror season 6?

The report claims that casting of Black Mirror season 6 is underway on Netflix. The production sources said that the new episodes of Black Mirror will be more cinematic in scope, where each installment will be treated as an individual film. That also happens in the Black Mirror season 5 as every episode all being over an hour long.

What are the reasons for the long wait for season 6?

The reasons behind the long wait have not been revealed yet. Though the delays were likely due to showrunners and producers. Brooker and Jones are the producers of Black Mirror via their production company House of Tomorrow under Endemol Shine Group. The duo left the group in 2020 and launched a new production company named Broke and Bones with Netflix as a key investor. The rights of Black Mirror stayed with Endemol, which was brought by Banijay Group. Netflix then came in and licensed Black Mirror from Banijay and giving Brooker and Jones access to the title once again. No other Production company nor a premiere date has been set for the new season of Black Mirror.

About Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a British anthology television series created by Charlie Brooker. Individual episodes explore a diversity of genres but most are set in near-future dystopias utilizing sci-fi technology a type of speculative fiction. This series is based on The Twilight Zone. Most episodes are written by Brooker, with the heavy involvement of the executive producer Annabel Jones. Total 5 seasons have been done of Black Mirror and it consists of 22 episodes. In season 1 and season 5 each season consists of 3 episodes. The Black Mirror was released on 4th December 2011. Season 6 of Black Mirror is in development and it is confirmed that it will be again coming to the Netflix.

Fans are waiting to see the upcoming season of Black Mirror as it is confirmed that Black Mirror is coming back on Netflix. This will be the sixth season of this series. The casts were great throughout all 5 seasons of Black Mirror and the casts of season 6 are underway. Black Mirror Season 6 will come after 3 years. Fans will love season 6 of Black Mirror.

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