Black Adam Ending and SPOILER in Post-Credit Scene Explained

Another movie by DCEU has now been released. Black Adam is the second movie of DCEU this year, as the first movie is The Batman which was released on March 2022. DC League of Superpets is also there but it is an animated movie. Black Adam is one of the anticipated movies for the fans and now it is released. Fans loved the movie, and fans were excited about the future of DCEU. Continue reading to know more about the Black Adam Ending and Post-Credit Scene.

After a long waiting, fans finally have the movie, Black Adam. The movie has been directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and the role of Black Adam is played by none other than Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock. This movie is going to be one of the important parts of the DC Extended Universe. The movie was in talks since the early 2000s, until the movie Black Adam came into production on April 2021. And since then the hype the fans for this movie has shown up. Now, the movie is released and fans have loved the ending and the post-credit scene as they have seen their favorite character Superman. But, if you haven’t understood the Black Adam Ending and post-credit scene. Don’t worry we got you here. In this article, we are going to explain the ending and post-credit scene of Black Adam. Black Adam is now running in the theatres.

Black Adam Ending

About the Black Adam Ending

The ending of every movie has to be great, and that also happens with the Black Adam Ending. The climax of the movie starts with Doctor Fate fighting with Sabbac aka Ishmael Gregor solo. As Doctor Fate fights with Sabbac he was also freeing Teth Adam from his induced coma using his astral projection simultaneously before he was killed by Sabbac. As he was encouraging him to come and save Kahndaq from evil Sabbac, he came out from his prison, as he was underwater so he can’t say a word, and thinking that he has came to his family. His son then asks him to “say the word” and then Teth Adam whispers the name Shazam he was out of the water at that time and turns into the Champion of Kahndaq. The other members of JSA failed to stop Sabbac, when Black Adam comes to rescue them his suit of him looks different as firstly it didn’t have a cape now he has a cape and the thunder sign on his chest was also a bit reddish because previously it was a curse because he was not the champion his son was the champion in attempt to protect Adam he gave his powers to him but died by a shot of an arrow, and now he has a pure golden thunder sign on the chest, denoting that he is now a champion. Then we get to see an intense fight between Sabbac and Teth Adam. We also get to see a bit of assistance from Hawkman with the help of the helmet of Doctor Fate as he is doing the projection of multiple Hawkmans through a trick taught to him by Doctor Fate used to do and he told that he learned from his old friend. Eventually, Black Adam grabs his two horns and rips off Sabbac into straight two halves. And at the very end, he didn’t take the throne of Kahndaq as he destroys it and says that “the city doesn’t need a ruler, it needs a protector”.

About the post-credit scene of Black Adam

The post-credit scene is now one of the trendy things in superhero movies, and we also get to see it in the Black Adam movie as well. After the Black Adam ending, in the post-credit scene, we get to Black Adam speaking with a holographic projection of Amanda Waller, she says that she’s letting him free for now as Kahndaq will serve as his new prison, and if he ever leaves she’ll make him regret. Black Adam destroys the projector. And back from the mists, a voice resonates saying “it’s been a while since anyone made this world nervous” then our favorite Superman played by Henry Cavill comes and said, “Black Adam, we should talk”.

What will be the future of Black Adam and Superman?

After many rumors and reports of Henry Cavill as Superman, it is now confirmed that he is in the post-credit scene of Black Adam. But what will be the future of Superman and Black Adam after this Black Adam ending? It seems to have a project of Superman vs Black Adam where Superman will try to stop Black Adam and hope they will become friends. Time will tell what will be the future of Black Adam and Superman.

Fans are very happy to watch the movie Black Adam and after watching the post-credit scene of the movie fans can’t wait to know the future of the DC Extended Universe. Many fans didn’t understand what Superman told to Black Adam in the post-credit scene as fans screamed a lot for Superman and expected a crossover movie. Black Adam is now running in theatres.

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