Blac Chyna Net Worth, Relationship Status And Sources Of Income


Every year, countless celebrities from all over the world join the social platform from paid subscribers called OnlyFans. Now Blac Chyna was one of such celebrities who joined OnlyFans in the previous year, But the interesting thing is, within a short period of time from her joining, her popularity has skyrocketed that has taken her straight to the top from the aspect of income. So, how much does Black Chyna Net Worth account for?

Now about this sudden change in the circumstances, we should go back at the roots. Angela Renée White is also known as Blac Chyna, was first mentioned in a song by Drake “Miss Me” back in 2010 which was the first time we all noticed her attentively. After that, she has appeared in several Music videos, Television shows and also started various merchandise in her own name related to various beauty products and services.

Blac Chyna Net Worth

Now, as per the reports of “celebrity Net Worth,” this TV reality show personality and social media influencer has been upgraded to the top list with an enumerated net worth of 10million USD.

A huge part of the income of Chyna makes its way from her OnlyFans service, where she zips about 20 million USD in her pocket, per month as per reported estimations (as per the reports of Influencer Marketing Hub). She beats the second in the list Bella Thorne, who made a record of earning 1M USD from OnlyFans in less than 24hrs after she joined the subscriber exclusive platform the previous year, with almost double the difference in earning.

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Debut, Rise and dating life Of Blac Chyna

Her Instagram account is followed by over 16 million people which also adds a fair amount of money to Black Chyna Net Worth and for her OnlyFans account, it costs like 19.99 USD per month to the subscribers to watch her exclusive content. Up till now, she has uploaded 155 posts on her OF page, which got almost 16k likes.

Blac Chyna mentioned her OnlyFans account by uploading a post of a quick status of a foot fetish video on her Instagram handle back in 2020, where it shows that she’s thrashing a bowl full of grapes with her leg in close-up.

Her income from her OnlyFans page increases as per expectations because of the increasing number of OnlyFans user registration as time goes by. As per the report of Bloomberg, If we see the stats for August alone, there are 130 million paid users for this site.

Apart from the fact that this was Chyna’s first appearance on the camming world in public, she used to work as a stripper at her time of college which was to pay for her tuition and living, mainly. But she dropped out afterward when she realized that it’s kinda not easy to tackle her classes and work altogether.

After she left school, Chyna tried her luck into the world of modeling and successfully engaged with some publications e.g., Dimepiece Magazine, where she featured on the cover page. The stripper-turned-model idea attracted more people that helped her to strengthen the ground under her feet which made it possible for her to appear in Black Men’s Magazine and Straight Stuntin’ Magazine.

As for her personal life, Chyna famously dated rapper Tyga, with whom she shares a son. They split in 2016, and she moved on with Rob Kardashian in 2016. Chyna and Kardashian share a daughter named Dream.

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