Better Things Season 5 Episode 8 Air Date and Where to Stream Online

Better Things season 5 is here! So far, we have witnessed seven extraordinary episodes of the show. Currently, fans are waiting for Better Things Season 5 Episode 8. The release date is out. We are loving the storyline of Better Things season 5. New roller coaster riddles are waiting for us. The show is nearing its final episode. The eighth episode of the show will connect us to the ninth and final episode of the show. Thus, all eyes are stuck on Better Things Season 5 Episode 8. I know you are wondering whether we will get another season of the show or not! There are so many questions out there. So let’s not delay any further and jump straight into the discussion of the day.

When Will Better Things Season 5 Episode 8? Do We Have A Release Date?

The second last episode of the show is just around the corner. As per our inner sources, the next episode of the show is scheduled to roll out next week, particularly Monday. The next episode of the show is just a few days away from us. Better Things Season 5 Episode 8 will stream online on 11th April 2022. Mark the date, as you surely don’t want to miss out on this one. If you still haven’t watched all the previous episodes of the show, then what are you waiting for? It’s a great series to binge on. Surely check out Better Things season 5, exclusively just on Hulu.

What Is The Storyline Of the Upcoming Episode?

We all saw what happened in the previous episode of the show. The next episode of the show will primarily focus on Sam. Looks like her anxiety is about to trouble her. The next episode of the show is titled, “Jesus Saves”. Get ready for complex twists and turns. The stage is set for some brutal drama scenes. How will Sam fight back against her anxiety? This is the most asked question out there. The answer to this question is hidden in Better Things Season 5 Episode 8.

In the previous episode of the show, we saw Sam gives an extraordinary fight against the zombies. She needs to handle the kids. All the three kids, Frankie, Max, and Duke are glued to their phone screens. Sam needs to find out a solution to that. She wants her kids to enjoy real life, not virtual reality. Well, in the next episode of the show, some shocking truths are waiting for us. Challenges are set ahead of Sam. So far we have witnessed only 5 prolonged seasons of the show. The audience is looking out for more. The sixth season of the show is in high talk. As of now, we haven’t received any concrete update on Better Things season 6. But we are expecting to hear from the above authorities really soon. The tale is about to wrap up! Another rollercoaster jour eWe will keep you updated on this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on exciting Disney Plus Hotstar movies and shows, stay connected with us, just right here!

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