Top 20 Best Black Cartoon Characters Of All Time

Cartoons are something that we all have watched in our childhood and many of us watch cartoons even after we grow up. Fans loved to watch different characters in cartoons as the characters are funny, emotional, suspenseful, and many things. While there are many fan-favorite cartoon characters, in this list we will be talking about black characters in cartoons. As the characters give some unique vibes to the show. We have listed the top 20 best black cartoon characters of all time below.

1. Frozone (The Incredibles)

Frozone a.k.a Lucius Best is a character in the Incredible movie. He was voiced by Samuel L. Jackson and he has also a great back story. He has the power to turn things into ice. He is a very good friend of Mr. Incredible and he has his fancy suit. Fans have loved to see him in action.

2. Token Black (South Park)

Token Black is a fictional character from South Park. He is one of the cutest characters in the series. His real name is Token Willams, his nature is very calm and posture guy who makes great decisions. This character always stands against all odds.

3. Princess Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

She was the first African-American Princess in Disney, a 19-year-old Princess Tiana. She is one of the greatest princesses of Disney. Princess Tiana was created by John Musker and Ron Clements. This character is an inspiration, and her story is also very heartwarming.

4. Suga Mama (The Proud Family)

Dijon Jones. Charlette Proud a.k.a Suga Mama is the mother of Oscar and Bobby Proud. She is also very energetic at this age as takes up Baseball and Wrestling. This character shows many things but the important thing is that she shows that age is just a number.

5. Miles Morales (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)

Miles is one of the greatest characters in Marvel. He is also a Spider-Man, once Peter Parker a.k.a Spider-Man dies Miles Morales came as Spider-Man and fills empty space.

6. Cleveland Brown Jr. (The Cleveland Show)

He is one of the main characters in the franchise. He found it difficult to find friends as he has very low self-esteem. His character was also talented, he also don’t believe in God but didn’t label himself as an atheist as has some religious beliefs.

7. Carl Carlson Jr. (The Simpsons)

Carl Carlson Jr. a.k.a The Black One is a supporting character in the Simpsons. He works in the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant where he works with his friends Lenny Leonard and Homard Simpson. He is a very reserved person and doesn’t communicate unless it is necessary.

8. Little Bill (Little Bill)

William Farnell Glover Jr. also known as Little Bill is one of the famous cartoon characters. He is a very energetic 5-year-old boy fun, loving, imaginative, and bright kid and he is also the star of the show.

9. Mister T (Mister T)

In this cartoon, we get to see Mr. T in the form of a cartoon. In this cartoon, he is a coach to a Gymnastic team. When he started traveling the world he became solving various mysteries. At the beginning when the show starts live-action, Mr. T himself comes and explains what the episode is about, and at the end, he narrates a moral lesson.

10. Cyborg (Teen Titans Go!)

In Teen Titans Go!, Cyborg is one of the funny characters in that cartoon. His funny dialogue, intelligence, and skills make fans laugh. Fans have loved the character Cyborg in Teen Titans Go!

11. Trixie Carter (American Dragon: Jake Long)

Trixie Carter is one of the main characters in the American Dragon cartoon. She keeps Jake Long’s and Spud’s secrets to herself. She is a rocking character in the cartoon American Dragon: Jake Long.

12. Kiki Pizza (Steven Universe)

Kiki Pizza is a character in Steven Universe. She is a resident of Beach City and an employee at her family restaurant Fish Stew Pizza. She is the twin sister of Jenny Pizza and the daughter of Kofi Pizza. She helps her father in the business as her twin sister didn’t show any interest in the business. She is a very good friend of Steven and helps Steven to come out of her nightmares.

13. Aisha (Winx Club)

The Crown Princess of Andros Aisha is the fairy of waves. She is also known as Princess Layla and she joins the club as the sixth member of the club in the second season of the show. She is a talented dancer as well as a great swimmer and she can also speak many languages. She is an alumna/student of the Alfea College for Fairies.

14. Jodie Landon (Daria)

Jodie Landon is a fictional character from the animated series Daria. She is a very knowledgeable girl with a potentially bright future. She is mature and advice giver to her friends and Daria. She was voiced by Jessica Cyndee Jackson.

15. Action Hank (Dexter’s Laboratory)

Action Hank is a character who is a crime-fighter, who protects people, he is very great in hand-to-hand combat. Action Hank is one of the most rugged men in the world due to his manly nature and awesome beard.

16. Oscar Proud (The Proud Family)

Oscar Proud is one of the members of the Proud family and he is one of the best dads in Black cartoon history. He takes care of his kids and wife and is also a great Family man.

17. Joe Gardner (Soul)

Fans are very familiar with the animated movie of Disney that is Soul. This movie is one of the best Disney movies of the past five years. Joe’s passion is playing Jazz music. He is the first African-American protagonist in a Pixar feature film.

18. Storm (X-Men)

Ororo Munroe a.k a Storm who is a memeber of X-Men. She has the ability to control the weather and atmosphere and is considered one of the most powerful mutants in the world and one of the most powerful being in Marvel.

19. Uncle Ruckus (The Boondocks)

Uncle Ruckus is the main protagonist of the show Boondocks. Ruckus admires the white society and the reason why he loves the Woodcrest neighborhood. He is a person who is an unadaptable and old mindset, and he believes in nothing other than his own beliefs.

20. Black Panther (Marvel’s Avengers Assemble)

The king of Wakanda is also on the list. Black Panther a.k.a T’Challa is the king of Wakanda. He is a member of the African royal family of the fictional country named Wakanda. He is one of the strongest Avengers and this character is very popular and has a huge fan base.

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