Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez expressed their feelings on having a child together

We are here to drop a big relationship controversy that has been running throughout stating that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have expressed their feelings about having a child.

The relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez has stood out to be an ideal one at a time. Mentioning the part that the couple has been adored by the audience throughout and the couple has been regarded as the iconic power couple ever since they came into a relationship back in the 2000s.

Also to mention the part that the couple has been making big headlines ever since from the start and whether to talk about the challenge they have been through at the time or the good times that have been spent together in their relationship.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are happy in their relationship

It is safe to say that the couple has a history together and though they have been through some of the big situations back in time. Moreover to mention that the couple got engaged back in the 2000s and as things were looking all smooth for them, it took a major turn over the time and the news came forward that they called their relationship off after a long period of time and the news basically disappointed everyone back.

It has been more than a decade and now the couple was seen together finally and though this stood out to be big news for all the fans and everyone was also excited to see them back together as this was the turnaround for things when everyone thought things came up to an end.

There was also some news out there that Ben Affleck broke up with his ex-partner so that he could be back in a relationship with Jennifer Lopez but there was no confirmed news on this and there were reports that the couple was already in touch way before the news came out.

However to mention that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez once again saw some challenging periods of time as Jennifer Lopez was not happy with her personality due to the part that he blamed his ex-wife for his drinking problems.

Things were then settled between them at the time and to mention that Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez sometime recently although she opened up on her social media that this was one of the happiest moments whereas the fans suspect that there is more to this good news.

There are huge talks and the fans are suspecting that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are expecting a child and this is another big news that might break the internet. It is yet to see if the couple would move ahead to confirm the news and now that everyone has been getting curious to know more about it whereas it has been capturing more attention in the time.

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