‘Battlefield 6’ Pre Alpha Footage Leaks Give Us A Glimpse Of Near-Future Vehicles

More of the game’s near-future setting is shown in the images.

More photos from ‘Battlefield 6’ have leaked ahead of the game’s official trailer release.

Battlefield News, a Twitter account, has published a slew of new photos, claiming they’re from the game’s multiplayer feature.

A tank engaged in combat in a red-hued metropolis and a futuristic aircraft flying over a sand storm are among the shots, some of which are labelled as “Pre-Alpha Footage.” All four photographs can also be seen on Imgur.

Tom Henderson, a long-time Battlefield franchise reporter, tweeted that the photographs “are real.” Henderson also discussed the cryptic comments issued to many Battlefield fans and content creators by the official Battlefield Twitter account.

The message was decoded and made readable with the help of the users on Henderson’s Discord server.

“Some of you desire to return home – that the most human of all instincts,” the message continues. I have to tell you the truth with a heavy heart. You don’t have a place to go back to. Do we accept our fate? That is the question we must now ask ourselves. Or will we take the risk of fighting for a better world? No one can force you into conflict, but I say to everyone who can hear me: If you can fire a gun, if you can treat a wound, if you can wreak havoc, those who can’t need you. We require your assistance. The only way home is via war.”

uhhh guys….?

It doesn’t reveal much about Battlefield 6’s plot, but GamesRadar pointed out that the “interception unit” listed is the USS Ravenrock, which could be named after the Raven Rock military base in Pennsylvania.

Following the recent leaks of video from an internal trailer and the official announcement that Battlefield 6 will be released on June 9, these image leaks have surfaced.

In other Battlefield news, EA just hired Byron Beede, a former Call Of Duty general manager, to run the Battlefield franchise.

Beede oversaw the introduction of successful Call Of Duty instalments, including free-to-play titles like Call Of Duty: Mobile and Warzone, during his stint at Activision.

Battlefield 6, provisionally dubbed Battlefield 6, is the next instalment in EA’s shooter franchise. While EA has been a touch tight-lipped on what’s next for the FPS, there have been plenty of leaks and speculations to whet our appetites for conflict.

Fans of the Battlefield series are hoping for a return of the modern action, massive, gloriously destructible settings, and serious size that have made the franchise so popular. Because the game is set to release towards the end of 2021 on consoles and PC, we’re practically certain to see a lot of it at E3 2021 in June. Until then, here’s everything we know about DICE’s shooter series’ forthcoming chapter.

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson announced that Battlefield 6’s release date on a recent investor call, stating that the game would “take full advantage of the potential of next-generation platforms to bring enormous and immersive battlefields to life with more people than ever.”

“With battlefields of incredible scale,” Wilson continued, “the next vision of Battlefield takes all of the destruction, player agency, and vehicle and weapon warfare that the brand is known for and elevates it to a new level.” “The team is focused, and we’re ahead of schedule on our internal goals.”


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