Batgirl set photos reveals Michael Keaton RETURNING as Batman along with Robin


A load of brand-new pictures from the shooting scene of the upcoming Warner Brothers movie Batgirl provides the viewers a fresh look at the costume of the Batman (acted by Michael Keaton) as well as gives us a glance at the side character of Robin in the upcoming show of DC Extended Universe.

The photo was posted on Twitter. The post was made by @BatgirlFilm. In this photo, we can see a view of Bruce Wayne or Batman which is being recurred by Michael Keaton with Robin by his side. From this point, we cannot say for sure which Robin version is this and in which way he will be relating to this forthcoming show of the DCEU. In this context, you should know that the two films that featured Keaton as Batman didn’t have any part of the character of Robin.

Why Haven’t We Seen Robin in Other Batman Movies?

Michael Keaton was first seen in the role of Dark Knight in the Batman movie which was released back in 1989. The film was directed by Tim Burton. The previous versions of the movie debuted a variety of Dick Grayson and the actor of ‘A return to Salem’s Lot’ Ricky Addison Reed who was a part of the acting team. Regardless, Burton gradually removed Grayson entirely from the movie. After that, the character of Robin was supposed to make its appearance in the scripts for the movie Batman Returns (1992). The actor of the popular movie Requiem for a Dream, Marlon Wayans was selected for the role. But once again Robin didn’t make it to the final cut of the film. A comic extension of the Dark Knight, in which Keaton appeared as Batman, finally debuted the character, Robin, as the assistant of Batman. The actor who appeared in the role was Drake Winston. For your information, the comic extension was entitled Batman ’89.

Brought to us by Bill Finger, Jerry Robinson and, Bob Kane, the version of Robin which was acted by Dick Grayson first made its appearance in Detective Comics #38 which was released in 1940. But as time went by, Grayson became more inclined to the character Nightwing and shifted from the character of Robin. From that time, we have seen several actors making their appearance as Robin which includes Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, and Jason Todd. Besides that, Robin has made its appearance in numerous live-action shows since the day he was created.

Are We Going To See the Iconic Duo of Batman and Robin in the Upcoming Batgirl Movie?

After being completely detached from the role for over a decade, Michael Keaton was announced to be recurring the role of Batman in the film The Flash. The movie was scheduled to be released on 4th November. And after that, he is allegedly gonna make his appearance in several other films. Also, there are certain rumors going around that he has made contracts for his appearance in several projects with Warner Brothers. That kind of rumor just made the standing stronger as Michael Keaton is really going to appear in the Batgirl movie. Although we don’t know about the extent of his role in the movie.

The details about the storyline of Batgirl are something we cannot say sure of. But Brendan Fraser is going to act as the bad guy Firefly in the movie. and J. K. Simmons is going to recur his role as Commissioner Gordon in the film.

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