Barry Keoghan opens up about him going uncredited as The Joker in The Batman movie

Some of the big discussions are taking place at the time as Barry Keoghan stepped in as Joker in the last scenes of The Batman. It is safe to say that the DC studios went thoroughly on the part to surprise the fans with the great storyline of The Batman. The Batman stood out to be the most anticipated title at the period of time and though it finally hit the screens after a period of two years when it saw delays over the period. The production for the movie was slowed down at the time due to the Covid-19 pandemic and it shut down the work this is the major reason why the work was slowed down at the period of time.

Barry Keoghan

Barry Keoghan is excited to hold the role of Joker

Also to mention the part that the movie did really well at the box office or in the international level whereas to mention that Batman was played by Robert Pattinson and the fans were curious to find out what kind of performance he would give in the movie and thus the personality gave a remarkable performance at the time which was applauded throughout.

The villains on the other hand lined up for the movie such as The Penguin along with The Riddler and the character of Batman has a history with some negative characters while the long term villain of The Batman, The Joker was absent and while many believe that the character would be stepping into the sequel of the movie.

Moreover to mention that it was portrayed by the end of the movie that Riddler was held through in the Arkham Asylum and though an unknown personality was sitting beside the cell of Riddler and shared some words at the time to which many believe that it was the Joker.

Barry Keoghan


The role of Joker in the movie was for a short scene and though it was portrayed by Barry Keoghan and to mention that the fans are suspecting that Barry Keoghan is the one who would also be playing the role of Joker in the sequel of the movie whereas the big expectations are put forth to the actor regarding the role that he would be playing.

The big part is that the role of Joker has been played by Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix in the past times and so the torch will be passed forward to Keoghan in the time as he would have to carry the legendary run now. It is yet to see how the authorities or studios will come forward to update us about the status of the movie and also about the personality to which many believe that the sequel would be a big one. The sequel of Batman is confirmed at the time and Barry Keoghan is also excited to play the famous role in the sequel of The Batman which shall take some time to arrive.

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