Arnold Schwarzenegger HATES Chris Pratt and Wants Him to DIVORCE HIS DAUGHTER

Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t like his son-in-law, Chris Pratt! Are the rumors really true? We all know Arnold Schwarzenegger’s beautiful daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger is married to Chris Pratt. They are all set for their family journey. As per our inner sources, the couple is all set and ready to welcome their second child. They already share a beautiful daughter, named Lyla. A few years back, Arnold was absolutely against their marriage. Yes, you heard it right, the renowned old actor was highly worried about his daughter. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Against Katherine And Chris’s Marriage!

Arnold and Chris both belong to the industry. But Katherine Schwarzenegger is a renowned writer. You should surely check out her latest books. Arnold Schwarzenegger knows the truth about the industry, the glam world is filled with sweet and sour fillings. Arnold was a little worried for her daughter. He was highly surprised when he found out about her daughter’s relationship with Chris Pratt. But it was quite late, Chris and Katherine were deeply in love with each other.

Both were in different scenarios, one is all about movies, while the other one is known for her brilliant stories. They are quite opposite from each other, but their love for one another binds them together. At first, Arnold was tensed about his daughter. But slowly and steadily, Arnold started accepting their relationship. After all, Chris Pratt’s magic charm works every time! Arnold was recently captured in an exclusive interview. He was obviously asked about Chris Pratt. Looks like the old man has changed his perception of his son-in-law.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Hates Chris Pratt? Are The Rumours True?

Well, as of now, we haven’t received any updates on this particular question. It would be better to say the rumors are absolutely baseless. It is surely false. You better not believe the rumors out there. Arnold was quite stressed about her daughter. But he never had hard feelings for Chris. Moreover, the talented actor is an excellent son-in-law. He is just like Arnold’s other child. Over the years, Chris has become more involved with Katherine’s family. Chris and Katherine’s marriage is going on a smooth flow. So, divorce is absolutely out of context here! They love each other a lot. They want to share a huge family together.

Ever since Lyla Pratt came into their lives, the couple has grown immensely close to one another. Their love for one another has grown day by day. Moreover, Arnold is enjoying the grandfather mode. He loves to play with Lyla. Whenever Katherine comes over to Arnold’s place, he has a lovely time with his granddaughter Lyla. Soon someone is coming to accompany Lyla. The whole family is really excited about Katherine and Chris’s second child. We will keep you updated about this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get the latest updates on exciting celebrity gossip and juicy tales, stay connected with us, just right here.

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