Aquaman 2 Release Date News: What To Expect? Have A Look At Aquaman’s New Constume

Jason Momoa recently posted some pictures of him portraying his special character as Arthur Curry. The first photograph displayed him in the usual green and orange costume that’s a throwback to his very original old look. But the second photograph showed him as Aquaman in a very dark costume. Stay tuned to know it all, just here!

Jason Momoa’s New look From Sequel Film, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

It’s clear the crew is all set to start filming for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Yes, the most awaited new look for Aquaman is hereafter aged. Jason Momoa unveiled the new look of Aquaman on his own social media, Instagram account. The first picture showed Jason in the original green and orange costume of Arthur Curry, that’s a throwback look to his original comic book character.

But what attracts the audience most, was the second picture. The second photo showed Jason’s character in the film, the main Aquaman but in a much more dark costume. This is the new suit which the audience was dying to see all this while. According to our resources, Jason is currently all caught and busy shooting for his sequel movie of Aquaman in London. The filming of the movie is going on in full gear. In fact, Jason also changed his hair color from brown to blond for his upcoming movie.


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James Wan On Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom!!

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom is the sequel to the blockbuster DC picture’s film of 2018, titled Aquaman. Thus the new movie will also mark the return of James Wan. Recently in an exclusive interview, James Wan opened up about his new film. James told all of us, the sequel of Aquaman is going to be very much inspired by the story of Planet of the Vampires. The movie will definitely give you chills. We are expecting the upcoming movie to be really full of exciting and interesting concepts.

James said the audience will be amazed when they will see this whole dark tale. People and his co-workers are really shocked when they knew James will be using most of the comic book theory as well in the movie. The movie will surely portray most of the tale from the storybook. James clearly said that it is going to be a lot for the audience to take in from the movie. One needs to understand the right perspective and point of view of this heavy tale.

Find All About Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Much More!

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been penned down by the very talented David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick. As per our internal sources, as of now, the film features stars like Jason who plays the role of Arthur Curry, better known as Aquaman, Amber Heard who plays the character of Mera, Patrick Wilson who acts as Ocean Master, Dolph Lundgren who will be seen as King Nereus and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II who will act in the role of Black Manta.

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