Apple Renamed It’s Homepod As Homepod 2018, Does This Mean Another Homepod Is In The Works?

According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, Apple planned to release an updated HomePod in 2022 before discontinuing the original HomePod.

Apple’s original HomePod was released in early 2018 and sounded fantastic, but there was widespread criticism that the Siri implementation was lacking. Only a few months after releasing the smaller HomePod mini, Apple has now discontinued the original HomePod, though the larger HomePod is still available.

The original HomePod is a beautifully crafted device with thoughtfully arranged tweeters and subwoofers that deliver both detail and control. It’s a little heavier than some might expect at 2.5kg, but we couldn’t find any flaws with the design.

Apple used the same seamless fabric mesh to wrap the HomePod Mini because the design of the 2017 HomePod was so successful. Siri appears as a shifting ball of color on the two speakers’ glossy top panels, which are uniformly black when the speaker is resting.

Here, we’ll look at the most recent HomePod 2 rumors, as well as what we’d like to see from a larger second-generation HomePod device.

The original HomePod was significantly more expensive than the Amazon Echo and Google Home competitors. The HomePod mini is significantly less expensive, making it a viable competitor to devices such as the Echo.

The latticed fabric housing blends in nicely with the background, and the top glows with a pleasant light – though we wish there was an option to dim or turn it off at night, for when you’re drifting off to sleep while listening to soothing music.

The HomePod mini’s audio performance is the main reason we bought it. It’s fantastic for such a small speaker, and it feels like the perfect balance of price and sound quality. The bass isn’t too heavy, the vocals aren’t lost in the mix, and the stereo experience is truly immersive when you pair two minis.

Apple was planning to release an updated version of the HomePod in 2022, five years after its initial announcement, according to Gurman:

The company had been working on an updated version of the larger HomePod for release in 2022 before it was discontinued.

While it’s unclear what features or changes the now-canceled 2022 HomePod would have included, it’s safe to assume it would have included HomePod mini-features like a U1 ultra-wideband chip, a newer processor, and possibly a larger top display.

“HomePod mini has been a hit since its debut last fall, offering customers amazing sound, an intelligent assistant, and smart home control all for just £99,” Apple said in a statement to Pocket-lint. The HomePod mini is where we’re concentrating our efforts. “While the original HomePod is being phased out, it will remain available through the Apple Online Store, Apple Retail Stores, and Apple Authorized Resellers while supplies last.” Apple Care will provide software updates, as well as service and support for HomePod customers.”

According to reports, the company is considering repurposing its next smart speaker as an Apple soundbar. For those who want to use a single speaker with their TV more practically, a HomePod that can work horizontally as well as vertically would be ideal. We’d take those rumors with a grain of salt because there haven’t been any significant leaks around them yet.


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