Apple Leaks Show That Airtags V2 Will Be A Card That Fits Perfectly Inside Your Wallet

After years of rumors and speculation, Apple finally unveiled its long-awaited AirTag in April 2021.

The small circular tag is designed to be attached to objects like keys and wallets so that they can be monitored using Bluetooth in the Find My app alongside Apple devices.

Apple’s latest AirTag tracking tiles, which were announced earlier this month, are now available for purchase.

AirTags arrive when Apple shows an increasing interest in assisting you in tracking things outside of your Apple devices.

Apple recently started enabling third-party businesses to use its Find My software to track down missing products.

AirTags Price

Preorders for AirTags began on Friday, April 23, and the product officially released on Friday, April 30. The cost of a single AirTag is $29, and a kit of four AirTags costs $99.

Apple sells AirTags directly, but the price does not include the accessories required to mount the AirTag to an object.

AirTags accessories are sold separately by Apple, and there are also several third-party options. AirTags are now available for purchase from third-party stores such as Amazon and Best Buy.

AirTags Specifications

Apple’s AirTags are too bulky to fit in your pocket, but we recently saw an Airtag Card designed by Andrew Ngai, and Andrew has now developed a new variation, Apple AirTag Card V2.

The AirTag Card V2 improves on the original style and design, so check out a new video to learn more about the machine.

This new Apple AirTag Card V2 will feature a new structure as well as two batteries, which will allow it to last longer than previous variations.

This is a fantastic job for the Apple AirTag, and we’re excited to see what else Andrew has in store for us in the future.

Apple’s AirTag trackers have been a success with iPhone users, but you may be disappointed with how bulky they are if you try to put one in your pocket. Andrew Ngai, a modder, decided to take matters into his own hands and made the first AirTag card.

Ngai clarified how he was able to make this change on his YouTube channel. It doesn’t appear to be too difficult to do yourself if you have some patience, but keep in mind that disassembling your AirTag can void any warranty you have.

Is this Apple AirTag better than the original?

The fact that it can’t be put into a wallet or at least one without a coin pocket, is maybe the main drawback. Since the round, button-like form isn’t built to fit into a cardholder, one resourceful modder has taken drastic measures.

Apple is expected to release a variety of AirTag designs in the future, including a slimmer card-like option within the next few years (rival Tile already has a card-shaped design itself).

We’d also like to see an AirTag case with an adhesive that allows it to be attached to more items than the current edition.

Ngai’s approach, with its exposed wiring and battery, clearly lacks the polish of Apple’s official AirPods design.

But, hey, who cares what it looks like if it’s going to spend its whole life stuffed into your wallet?


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