Animal Kingdom Season 7 Renewal, Release Date and Where to Watch

We are here to drop the news regarding Animal Kingdom Season 7 as the fans have been curious about whether the show will continue in the future.

Animal Kingdom made a slow start but caught up with the attention and soon came into the headlines of the viewers and this is another reason that the show kept growing at the time. There were reports that the show basically lost its touch only because it used to take over a long time the making new seasons.

While the audience was raising the big question of whether the show has been renewed over for the seventh season but unfortunately this is not set to happen. The authorities of TNT opened up that the sixth season of The Animal Kingdom may come out as the finale season and it will drop the conclusion in an exciting manner.

Animal Kingdom Season 7

Animal Kingdom Season 7 is officially canceled by TNT

The reports suggested that the news of the finale season came over a lot before and the creators had a lot of time to work on the finale season and also wrapping. The show on the other hand completed over the character arcs and this is a satisfying part to come across and before the news of the conclusion was out.

A sixth of the show was wrapped up back in August of 2022 and consisted of a total of 13 episodes at the time. However, the show had a good run and the authorities of TNT also opened up that the financial outcome was out on a good result. The creative has not given up on a solid call as to why the show has been wrapped up with the sixth season and why there will not be Animal Kingdom Season 7.

There have been some strong discussions stating that is solely because of the unscripted content which was introduced by TNT whereas it certainly failed to hit the big milestone in the TV show industry while the show still held its reputation no doubt. Some of the fans support the decision that it was right to wrap up the story after six seasons and that it will be better to not disturb the title by extending the plot.


The show is basically based upon crime and family drama whereas the plot solely focuses on the lead character named Joshua who made the decision to live with his grandmother after he lost his mother. Things did not seem any easy for Joshua as the show portrays how he involves himself with the criminal clan that she looked after and though he had a part in a number of criminal activities and it got more intense when his cousins came on board too.

The sixth season of the show ended up in a good manner as it portrayed how the Cody brothers came forward to learn that they can never escape their history regarding the dormant case which was introduced in the show earlier. It was certain that there might be some major consequences to cover and thus the dormant case basically triggered a number of events that put the safety of the family in danger and also as their business kept growing at a rapid rate.

The Animal Kingdom previously story details

The answers were finally given through vengeance for the treachery that Joshua had to deal with alongside his cousins in the major activities. Joshua confronted the group stating that it was not what he expected from the plan to work but finally it was a breakthrough. The show wrapped up in style whereas most of the questions were finally answered in the ending and to which the viewers were looking.

While there is also a possibility that Animal Kingdom Season 7 could lead a probable interesting story if it goes on to happen and leads with Joshua as he makes his return to the criminal world once again but there might be a big thing on stake. It totally depends on the authorities and if they would like to lead the story ahead but there is a chance of a spin-off title happening soon and this is what the fans believe as the Animal Kingdom had a fascinating journey.

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