Andrew Garfield CHEATING SCANDAL with Zendaya Reason for Alyssa Miller Break Up

The big relationship controversy is running around as Andrew Garfield has been rumored to be tied with Zendaya following his breakup with Alyssa Miller. Andrew Garfield and Alyssa Miller came together back in November of 2021 and thus the romance between the couple was shining brightly as one could expect. The couple, on the other hand, were looking all happy at the time and thus there were sources reporting that both of the personalities were also planning plans for their future at the time.

The fans have been suspecting that both of them have been all fine at the time but it took a drastic turn for them over time. Mentioning the part that big news came forward recently that Andrew Garfield and his famous model girlfriend have called their relationship off as it is clear that the couple was going through a tough time after they split.

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield is rumored to be in touch with Zendaya

Moreover to mention that the couple did not make their relationship public for some time and thus there was already news surfacing on their link and connection whereas they went ahead to make their red carpet entry for the first time last month afterall to make it clear that they are together.

The couple called their relationship off some days after the Oscars and when Andrew Garfield lost the award to Will Smith as the best actor. The news came out to be a surprising one to all as everyone was curious to cover more on the couple as things were looking bright for them.

Andrew Garfield

The sources have also reported over the time that their romance is now over where the fans were still expecting the couple to fix things over and come along but now it seems that the couple has now decided to go their separate ways following their breakup.

The other sources are reporting that the cause of the break-up was basically the tight work schedules that they were stuck in and could not get some time out for their relationship. This was the major reason why the couple went ahead to call their relationship off as they were not able to see each other for a long period of time.


There were certainly a number of differences and hurdles that they kept coming across whereas one of them is the surfacing rumor that Andrew Garfield has been linked to Zendaya as both of the famous personalities were spotted in an event and now this is brought upon the hype among the fans.

It is safe to say that it could no doubt be very big if they decide to date as things have been looking quite smooth for them and the fans have also been wondering whether the rumors will stand out to be true or not but it would be revealed in time to what the famous personalities have planned.

Stay tuned for more.

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