Andrea Arruti Cause of Death: How the Voice of Elsa in Spanish Lost Her Life at 21

Who was Andrea Arruti?

Andrea Arruti was a Mexican voice actress who provided the voice of Elsa in the Spanish-language version of Disney’s Frozen. She also voiced other characters in animated films and video games, such as Diamond Tiara in My Little Pony, Neeko in League of Legends, Brigitte in Phineas and Ferb, and Makini in The Lion Guard. She was born in 1998 and started her career as a voice actress at the age of six.

How did Andrea Arruti die?

According to her family, Andrea Arruti died on January 3, 2020, at a hospital in Mexico City due to a respiratory complication that weakened her body during the last months. They did not specify the exact cause of death, but some sources suggest that she suffered from asthma. Her family released a statement on January 14, 2020, asking for respect and privacy in their time of grief. They also denied any rumors or speculation about her death, saying that she was an exemplary person who had no addiction and was always cheerful.

How did the fans and colleagues react to Andrea Arruti’s death?

Many fans and colleagues of Andrea Arruti expressed their sadness and condolences on social media after learning about her death. They praised her talent, kindness, and professionalism, and remembered her as a luminous person who brought joy to many people with her voice. Some of her notable works include singing “Let It Go” in Spanish for Frozen, and playing Anne Shirley in the Spanish dub of Anne with an E. She also collaborated with her sister Tamara Arruti, who is a dancer and choreographer, in some videos. Her death was a shock to the voice-over community, especially because she was so young and had a promising future ahead of her.

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