Andre Montgomery Sr. Cause of Death: The Shocking Truth Behind the Murder of Sweetie Pie’s Grandson

Andre Montgomery Sr. was a young aspiring rapper and the grandson of Robbie Montgomery, the star of the reality TV show ‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s’. He was also the nephew of James Timothy Norman, the owner of several Sweetie Pie’s restaurants. But his life was cut short on March 14, 2016, when he was shot and killed in St. Louis, Missouri. What happened to Andre Montgomery Sr.? Who killed him and why? Here is the shocking truth behind the murder of Sweetie Pie’s grandson.

The Night of the Shooting

According to The Cinemaholic, Andre Montgomery Sr. was in a recording studio near Fairground Park in St. Louis on the night of March 14, 2016. He received a phone call and went outside, where he was shot five times by an unknown assailant. He was found unconscious in a house with a gunshot wound and pronounced dead at the scene.

Robbie Montgomery, his grandmother, told KMOV that someone had entered his hotel room and stolen his personal belongings while he was at the studio. She also said that the killer had taken his phone and wondered if it could be traced.

Andre’s family held a candlelight memorial called ‘Justice for Dre’ at Sweetie Pie’s Upper Crust restaurant, hoping that someone would come forward with information about the crime. But for almost six years, no arrests were made and no suspects were identified.

The Conspiracy to Kill Andre

In August 2020, federal authorities indicted James Timothy Norman and Terica Ellis for the murder of Andre Montgomery Sr. Norman was Andre’s uncle and Robbie’s son. He had been sued by his mother in 2016 for operating three Sweetie Pie’s restaurants without her permission, which she claimed was a copyright infringement.

The authorities alleged that Norman had obtained a $450,000 life insurance policy on his nephew in 2014, when Andre was 18 years old. Norman was the sole beneficiary of the policy. He conspired with Ellis, a stripper from Memphis, Tennessee, to kill Andre and collect the insurance money.

The prosecution claimed that Norman and Ellis used burner phones to communicate and plan the murder. They also traveled to St. Louis on the day of the shooting. Ellis allegedly contacted Andre and lured him outside the studio, where he was shot by another conspirator, Travell Hill.

Hill confessed to killing Andre in exchange for $5,000 from Norman. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire and was sentenced to 32 years in prison.

The Verdict and Sentence

Norman and Ellis were charged with conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire, conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, and attempted mail and wire fraud. They pleaded not guilty and went to trial in March 2023.

The jury found them guilty on all counts after a four-day trial. On March 2, 2023, Norman was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Ellis is awaiting her sentencing, which is scheduled for June 23, 2023.

Robbie Montgomery expressed her relief and gratitude after the verdict. She said that she hoped that her grandson’s soul could rest in peace now that justice had been served.

The murder of Andre Montgomery Sr. was a shocking and tragic case that exposed the greed and betrayal of his own uncle. The reality TV star’s grandson had a bright future ahead of him, but it was snuffed out by a cold-blooded conspiracy. His family and fans will always remember him as a loving and talented young man who deserved better.

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