Amber Heard using DIRTY TACTICS to CANCEL Johnny Depp from Hollywood


Johnny Depp has been in the hot seat ever since, and his Hollywood career is in turmoil. Now, it seems that Depp wants to change his fortune by taking matters into his own hands. Johnny Depp has had a hard time for the past few years. Her 18-month marriage to Amber Heard sparked a long-running divorce war, in which Heard claimed Depp was abusing her. Johnny Depp even filed a lawsuit against the British newspaper The Sun after calling him a “wife-Beater”. However, Depp recently won a lawsuit in which he sought to see if 7 million USD paid to Heard had been donated to charity, as his ex-wife had promised.

What Actually Happened?

If you did not know, Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard have been involved in a case for a long time after Heard claimed Depp was abusing him. Depp said her allegations were false and untrue, and now, the couple is in a 150 million USD war that will end next spring. Although Depp has never been convicted of any crime, he has seen the consequences of Heard’s public allegations.

The actor has lost the battle of humiliation facing the U.K. magazine, The Sun, accompanied by Heard; he then lost his appeal battle against the organization. Since then, Depp has said Hollywood “boycotted” him. He lost his role as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean films after Disney started the character in the franchise and his role in the Fantastic Beasts Franchise with Warner Bros.

What Measurements Jonny Depp Is Gonna Take From Now On?

Now Johnny Depp is finally talking about Hollywood’s reaction to the case against him – Depp has been punished for alleged Heard abuse and has been released on a number of projects, including the loss of his role as Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts Franchise. However, Amber Heard has been able to continue working on major Hollywood projects – including Aquaman 2 – despite fans disputing the fact that Heard admitted to putting her hands on him and has been a victim of some of their hottest controversies.

Since then, Depp has reportedly been looking for smaller studios to work with and that his friend Tim Burton will include him in the project, but so far, we have not heard of any kind of success. Recently, Depp talked about the tradition of cancellation, making a public declaration that no one is safe from it and that anyone can say anything, even if that is not true, can bring you down. The actor noted that the cancellation culture is out of control, and he seems to be finding a way to ensure that he can continue acting, even though many want him to get “canceled”.

It looks like his company is looking at risk as the actor has said it will not always be safe and that viewers are feeling “Bored.” Depp also said he would be “very happy” to play the film actor the company was producing when he felt connected to the role. The company will roll out a few projects over the next few years. Depp is not intended to appear in any of them, but as we can see, the actor is clearly determined and wants to participate in his company in more ways than the producer.

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