Amber Heard Trying TO STEAL Jason Momoa from Lisa Bonet by FLIRTING with Him

Amber Heard has been everywhere but mostly in the news and articles when it comes to how she is good for using for people and gaining popularity through them and advancing her career and then going on to dumping them when she has used them. This news started building up When in her ongoing battle with her ex-husband Johnny Depp brought in many people like Elon Musk and several other people she has dated and it just came to one point and one similarity all the people are famous then her nad also have huge connections. So it was assumed that she uses people to advance her career in Hollywood.

But this became more clear when people she dated have been called to court and they had enough and want out of this and started turning their backs on her and she got cornered but recently for her new evidence came and that is none other than James Franco who just in an interview confessed he is a sex addict and hs been struggling because of that and how he has been absent from industry for few years.

She was even connected to him because they lived in the same building and there is a possibility that also have gotten together at some point. This came to light when Surveillance footage showed entering a lift and then coming out of it and heading their ways. But the most important fact that connects she uses people and then advances her career and then dumps them.

Right now she is currently shooting for Aquaman 2 and seems like Amber Heard has been trying to get on the good side of Jason Momoa by flirting with him on the sets and that has made Jason Momoa’s wife Lisa Bonet worry and she wants them to maintain some distance as she has her doubts on Amber Heard who will do absolutely anything to advance her career.

That brings us to Lisa Bonet getting insecure and Jealouus while it is natural for any couple but Lisa Bonet has never shown any problems in public but she is also someone who doesn’t like Amber Heard that much. While Lisa Bonet would surely like to go and tell Amber Heard to not flirt with her husband but that seems impossible for now. While Amber Heard could be trying to do something she shouldn’t in someone’s marriage.


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While many fans of Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonnet have given their opinion on Amber Heard calling her one of the people who would go to any extinct just to gain and fulfill her needs. Also, do to forget how her relationship with anyone never works out and she has already lots of things she could do to improve her life but she still would love to mess with other people and their happy lives. Right Now Amber Heard and Johnny Depp along with James Franco will appear in court on April 11, 2022.


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