Amber Heard sued by Insurer for not paying for Johnny Depp judgement and Legal Fees

Things became even worse for Amber Heard! How will she pay the fee for damages? What will be Amber Heard’s next step? Amber Heard is currently caught in a stressed situation. Ever since she lost her court case against Johnny Depp, things have been really stressful for her. Moreover, Amber Heard’s insurance company is no longer agreeing with her! The company has clearly told her its final statement! They will not cover up the damages for her. Sources also claim Amber Heard’s acting career is over! As per our inner sources, the company stated in a clear-cut tone that Amber Heard ‘willfully’ and ‘maliciously’ tried to defame her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, just right here.

Amber Heard Lost Her Court Case Against Johnny Depp! 

The US Court has ordered Amber Heard to pay $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages to Johnny Depp. While on the other side of the story, Johnny Depp also needs to pay $2 million to Amber Heard. As per our inner sources, the big news came on Friday, when New York Marine and General Insurance Company filed a suit against Amber Heard. According to our reports, Amber had a $1 million liability policy with the insurance company. She can use this to pay back Johnny Depp. Amber Heard can quickly clear her damages! But it looks like the company is not ready to give the amount to Amber Heard. The company is no longer entertaining Amber Heard’s demand! According to the company’s statement, Amber Heard ‘willfully’ and ‘maliciously’ tried to harm Johnny Depp’s reputation.

Amber Heard’s Legal Team Is Back In The Court-Room! 

Amber Heard is surely facing the consequences of the defamation case. The final decision of the court case was really shocking for Amber Heard. The legal team supporting Amber Heard submitted a motion demanding a change in the final decision of the court! They wanted the trial to be overturned. Amber Heard needs to pay $10.35 million to Depp. It is surely a big amount for Amber Heard. Moreover, Heard’s attorneys have also requested the Fairfax County Circuit Court to “investigate improper juror service”. Per their statements, one of the jurors who served during the trial was born back in 1970 which goes against the rule! Only the legal persons who are born in 1945 or before that year can act as jurors. This discrepancy has raised a ton of questions out there. All eyes are currently stuck on Juror 15!

Amber Heard’s Legal Team Is Questioning The Final Verdict Of The Court! 

Amber Heard’s legal team has clearly placed their wordings. According to them, the jury’s $10.35 million judgment on Amber Heard is highly “inconsistent and irreconcilable”. As per the team, both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have defamed each other. Both must face the consequences equally. The team is surely not happy with the final wordings of the case. Moreover, they are also dissatisfied with the jury’s decision. Amber Heard is surely not in the position to pay Johnny Depp!

Amber’s legal team thinks Johnny Depp has presented no evidence against Ms. Heard which proved that she wasn’t abused by him. They say Johnny Depp did not meet the actual legal requirements for malice. The final verdict of the court must be overturned. As of now, things are still going against Heard’s legal team. The defamation trial began when Depp sued Heard for an op-ed that Amber Heard published in the Washington Post! The op-ed was published back in 2018. Amber Heard had placed many accusations against Johnny Depp.

According to her statement, she has been a victim of mental and physical abuse. She was referring to her earlier abuse accusations. The op-ed did not specifically have Johnny Depp’s name on it but the article surely damaged his reputation. Johnny Depp’s win in the defamation case clearly shows that Heard was lying about the abuse! Depp has regained his popularity. He is again the center of attraction. But Heard is currently facing the lowest time of her life. We will keep you updated on this particular topic. That’s all for now, to get more such updates on Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, stay connected with us, just right here.

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