Amber Heard GETTING JAIL TIME, Probably but Not becaus of Johhny Depp, Here’s Why


Well… for the past few months, we all have been hearing news about Johnny Depp and his wife or rather ex-wife, Amber Heard, all over the internet. So, here’s a new twist in today’s gossip that Amber Heard might face jail time. But this time it’s not because of Johnny Depp! Here’s what we got.

The Aquaman famous actress Amber Heard has recently got into some serious trouble that includes an investigation over an alleged attempt of smuggling dogs across the border.

In accordance with the reports of the Daily Mail, the Department of Agriculture, water, and Environment has asked for the help of the FBI in order to acquire a potential witness for this case.

What Caused The Incident?

The estate manager of Johnny Depp Kevin Murphy marched back with a disclosure related to the incident and incriminated the actress for previously planning such an event.

Mr. Murphy has mentioned that he had already elaborated to Ms. Heard numerous times that the way she tried to take her dogs to Australia without fulfilling all the necessary requirements and processes was illicit and that could lead to a very strict penalty, even to an extent of euthanasia.

“When I conveyed that I was totally not comfortable with this, Ms. Heard said to me ‘well I’ll be wanting your assistance on this… I wouldn’t want you to suffer from a problem with your current job.” He concluded.

At that moment, Mr. Murphy realized that it was very clear that Amber Heard was simply threatening him regarding his job and that’s why he assisted her.

The prime incident that aroused all these ruckuses, happened back in 2015, at the time when Ms. Heard failed to clear her 2 terrier puppies during her private flight to Australia. Though, Amber heard still have another option at this very moment. Either she can give up on setting her foot on the soil of Australia ever again or she can always take the hard way.

On the other hand, an insider says that this decision can be critical for her as a lot of movies does do their filming in Australia which includes Aquaman also, the movie she is most popular for.

For those who don’t have any idea why all this is happening to her, the international law of Australia says that the dogs are needed to be observed under quarantine for 10 days before they can enter the country.

The Authority found about the dogs under her possession nearly after 2 weeks after she landed, and by the time, she has provided with two options, either to leave Australia within 3 days or to risk euthanasia.

What Has Amber Heard Said?

She gave her reasons for her actions back then and said that it was for her sleep deprivation and to avoid possible prison time, she chose to give an official apology along with a huge penalty of 10000 Australian dollars.

Her apology included an appreciation for the strict Biosecurity Law of Australia that says “Australia is free of many pests and diseases that are commonplace around the world because of their strict biosecurity laws. I’m truly sorry that Pistol and Boo were not declared. Protecting Australia is important.”

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