Amber Heard Could be JAILED for 20-Years for LYING IN COURT in Johnny Depp Case, After Elon Musk’s Testimony

The big relationship controversy has stolen attention throughout as Amber Heard could be put behind bars if the court’s agreements are fulfilled at the time. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s situation made a lot of noise and though everyone has now been aware of how their relationship turned down and though that was not only the end they came across a number of challenges through the time and thus they finally called their relationship quits.

Mentioning the part that was just the end of their relationship but the start of their drama as Amber Heard then proceeded ahead to file a lawsuit against Johnny Depp the part and accusing the famous personality to abuse her or assault her physically in their relationship. The news went out to make a lot of noise and also made big headlines over time but the news was not confirmed at all.

Amber Heard can face a good jail time if the court proceeds with the testimony’s

Both of the personalities then fought into the legal matters of the court on this part and also to prove who stands wrong and who stands right at this period of time. Johnny Depp on the other hand has been through a number of hurdles ever since the allegations were put against him and though it has never been the same for him such as the part that he lost a number of projects over the time like his famous role of Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and thus Disney studios went on to fire the personality after the news where the investigation was just taking place.

Amber Heard on the other hand was not fired from her role of Mera in Aquaman and this frustrated audience throughout as everyone also wanted the companies to fire her the same as Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp also accused her of physically assaulting him and physically abusing him and the situation kept turning out to be more and more complicated over time.

Amber Heard


One of the other things which were revealed at the time that Amber Heard was found out to be lying in the court with the accusations and more whereas this can now turn out to be a dangerous thing for the personality. The situation is now revealing that Amber Heard basically lied with everything and Johnny Depp has also sued her for a number of millions of dollars.

There is also a big rumor out at the time stating that Elon Musk may also come forward to give the testimony on this matter in favor of Johnny Depp and this situation could also turn out to be crucial for Amber Heard as the court keeps getting the proof that she has put over false accusations at the time but it is yet to see what will turn out for the personality in the period of time.

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