Alternative Dispute Resolution Assignment – A Guide to Excellence

Whenever His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and a customer have locked horns in a dispute, and they see no exit point, the most sensible thing that can be done is to shift towards ADR. A manual by GOV.UK suggests that parties should seek help from a mediator in such situations. In an alternative dispute resolution assignment, you have to review dispute cases and give your solutions by articulating your ideas.

The ADR statistics tell us an interesting story. Similarly, as stated in a report by Tax Adviser Magazine, ADR techniques have maintained a high-resolution rate of 85% over the past few years. It is also seen as an extremely effective and powerful tool for dispute resolution. 

No matter how effective this dispute management method may sound initially, you must express your understanding comprehensively in the assignments. The advisors judge the competency of your work by how well you articulate your ideas in a written paper. 

Although ADR academic assignments are interesting to write, there are times when students cannot arrive at a binding decision even after considering the paper and case requirements carefully. In such situations, it is always advisable to seek help with assignments online from professional writers. Doing so is better than putting your grades at risk. 

We have provided you with ADR assignment writing tips in this article. Before discussing them, let’s study what ADR refers to.

What Do You Mean by Alternative Dispute Resolution?

As the New York State Unified Court System defines it, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) encapsulates several different ways that people use to resolve their internal conflicts without getting into a trial. Generally, any alternative dispute resolution assignment covers mediation, neutral evaluation, arbitration, etc. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution Assignment Topics for 2024

There were many alternative dispute resolution assignment ideas that captured the interest of the international arbitration community in 2023. Some of the key trends and topics that are expected to capture the attention of readers in 2024 are the following: 

  • Write an assignment on the influx of new arbitrations in the energy sector & relate it to the evolution of Hydrogen and LNG sections. 
  • Discuss the new interest in the usage of summary disposition processes and the bifurcation steps.
  • Elaborate on the reforms that are expected to be seen in the national arbitration laws in the jurisdiction systems. 
  • Explain if you think that the focus on arbitrator disclosures has been shifted, leading to disqualification attempts and increased challenges to awards. 
  • Provide the varying approaches of different jurisdictions and relate it to the allegations of corruption. 

These are the full trending topics for writing ADR assignments on international arbitrations. But, if you do not like these topics, you can choose any of your own. 

Guidelines to Improve an Alternative Dispute Resolution Assignment Structure

The ultimate success of an assignment depends on the structure of your written work and the way you articulate your ideas in it. Swansea University provides important structure guidelines to students that can be considered vital for the improvement of one’s work. 

Purpose of good assignment structure:

A successful assignment has an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. In the introduction, you signpost everything that your readers expect from your assignment. The main body is where you express your ideas, and the conclusion is where you provide readers with a summary of the main points. 

Here is the visual representation of the process by Swansea University on how to build the structure of your assignment:

The structure strategies and guidelines are listed here:


Writing an alternative dispute resolution assignment introduction can become the most difficult part of your work as it is where you lay out the main problems of your work. It clearly tells the readers about the main themes of your assignment and tells them about how you are going to approach the key concepts.

The reader should understand these three things when going through your introduction:

  • What is your assignment all about?
  • What you are going to say in your work
  • What shall be the conclusion of your papers

To make it better, craft your thesis statement, key concepts and definitions in this section. Organise the ideas and ensure that there is a flow in your work.

Main Body: 

In the main body of your assignment, you provide the readers with the answers to alternative dispute resolution assignment questions. In the main body, you negotiate a settlement and assist the parties to dissolve their difference. The main body of your assignment explores the ADR types you used to provide civil justice to involved parties.

Show them these elements in your assignment: 

  • Build your main arguments slowly and thoroughly for your work. 
  • Show how did you reach an agreement that was mutually acceptable for the parties involved. 
  • Use different ADR types, such as negotiation mediation and others to reach a settlement or a binding decision for the parties involved. 
  • The expert determination of a neutral third party shall also comply with the laws and rules stated in the constitution. 


In the conclusion of your assignment, you restate and recap the arguments that you list in the main body of your work. Also, provide readers with suggestions for further research work in your field. Bring your arguments to a close in this part, and make sure that there is no repetition in the work you have crafted. 

Students also seek alternative dispute resolution assignment help for crafting a good conclusion section of their assignments. You can also seek help from your peers and supervisors about improving your work. 

What Are the 5 Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution?

While writing an assignment on alternative dispute resolution, you shall need to cover the 5 types mostly. These 5 types, as discussed by Miller Law Firm, are the following:

  1. Mediation
  2. Arbitration
  3. Neutral Evaluation
  4. Settlement Conferences
  5. Community dispute resolution programs 

Mostly, alternative dispute resolution assignments also concentrate on these issues and expect students to craft relevant material on these core issues. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution Assignment Examples

  • Discuss in detail the role played by mediation in family law for resolving disputes. 
  • Do you think that the ADR has become a form of privatised justice?
  • Provide a critical case study of the movement of ADR, including different forms of alternative dispute management. 


We tried to assimilate all helpful tips in this article that are necessary for successful alternative dispute resolution assignment writing. When you finish writing your assignment, ensure that there is a definite structure in your assignment. Also, perform the revision checks and make sure that your work is totally plagiarism-free and bespoke in nature.

Suppose you are struggling with managing your time and cannot do it efficiently. In that case, it is high time you get assistance from professional assignment writing services and steer your academic journey toward growth and success. Hundreds of students around the globe save their ship of grades from sinking by availing of these services.

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