Akame Ga Kill Season 2 Release Date Confirmed Or Canceled?


Oh! hi there! you’re here for some news on Akame ga kill! season 2? well… I must say you’ve reached the right place.

So what is this Akame ga Kill? Written by Takahiro and represented in artwork by Tetsuya Tashiro, Akame ga Kill! got its own share of popularity in both manga and anime form. After the manga was released back in 2010 and gained enormous popularity, the anime followed the same path in 2014. For those who haven’t seen this legendary piece, Akame ga Kill! starts with a vibe of a typical harem anime where the protagonist tries to defeat the evil entity with the power of friendship and etc. etc. but soon gets a twist in the plot that makes it one of the most tragic anime of the decade. if you know about the anime and the manga you can’t get the reason why people are expecting another season while the manga, as well as the anime, has ended, that is also like 7 years ago. But we hope as we breathe and we live as we dream. So we won’t say that it’s gonna be like a universal truth that there won’t be an “Akame ga Kill Season 2” based on a different storyline.


The story begins with a band of assassins, named “Night raid” which mainly consists of female warriors among which Akame is the most exceptional one. Their mission is to eliminate the “bad guy” prime minister Honest. Due to the Exploiting policies of Honest the countrymen are at the edge of destruction. So our protagonist, small-village-boy Tatsumi wishes to help somehow to get rid of the root of all problems. Despite being at odds with the path of an assassin, Tatsumi tries to pave his way by making himself stronger as all the protagonists do. Now we won’t prefer to give any spoilers but would suggest going ahead and watch the anime along with a warranty that you won’t regret watching it (or maybe you will?)


Although, Akame ga Kill had one spin-off named “Akame ga Kill!: Zero,” it’s hard to tell for sure that there will be an “Akame ga Kill! season 2.” the probabilities are quite less as the manga ended along with the anime, so there’s no material left. But If the creators wanna take the hype of the fans that this anime made 7 years ago, they can obviously push it to Akame ga Kill! season 2 highlighting the character akame but is based on a different storyline.


The way the anime concluded its story is can be said that it was a complete closure, Now if some producer or the artist itself decides to continue it with the leftover manga, it would have to reconfigure the story it’s already told to do so. Thus, the best chance for a “continuation” of the anime for Akame ga Kill! would be an adaptation of Akame ga Kill!: Zero, which is much more likely.

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