After Marvel Phase 4 Movies Now Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts Postponed By A Whole Year

Transformers Franchise is known to deliver massive Blockbusters and since it announced the new movie everyone was waiting for its release by  2022. But Paramount just decided that due to the ongoing Covid -19 pandemic the movie had to be delayed further and is now being pushed back to the year 2023. That’s a mast shift and that to of the year.

Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts is the latest addition in the franchise of Transformers and is currently the seventh installment in the movie after a spin-off movie Bumblebee.

To guide you on what’s going on in the movie and what possibly could be the story we will tell you all the details here.

Transformers movies is a blockbuster franchise and is known to bring Action and lots of cool things and the ability to transform is a must and loved by everyone. They can transform into anything they want and the way they transform into cars is like wow!!!!

Though we will not into all that stuff.

we will tell what the new movie be gonna be about and when it will release.

Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts is set in New York and will be serving as the origin for Optimus prime why he came to the earth and their will two forces one which is ready to shift in the new world as cars as their new form and one who don’t want to shift int that forms and thus opposing to live as what they are.

The movie is already in production and we will be seeing lots of new things that will be added to the story and that being said paramount just not only delayed this movie further there is new star trek movie also coming and which was to be released in July 2023 but it also got delayed because of the pandemic.

while you wait for the movie you can do other things like catch up on previous parts.

While it has been certainly a long way since we can even see the trailer for the movie but all we can hope is that we get some more details about the movie soon. But other than that this can be said the franchise has seen a bigger number every time it releases and can be said that this time it will be a huge blast.

while fans also certainly love the cartoons and movies in animated form for the series it has certainly made its mark from being rejected many times and now it is one of the most selling franchises it has everything a franchise can have movies, shows, animated series, and cartoons, and merchandise to figure bots which are collected and sold on higher prices in many auctions.

There is comic-con which we see every year and that shows how much fans go crazy to look like their favorite transformers.


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