A. A. Allen Cause of Death

A Remarkable Life and a Mysterious Passing

Asa Alonso Allen, better known as A. A. Allen, was an American Pentecostal evangelist celebrated for his faith healing and deliverance ministry. His journey from humble beginnings to national prominence was marked by both triumphs and tribulations.

Early Struggles and Spiritual Awakening

Born on March 27, 1911, in Sulphur Rock, Arkansas, Allen’s childhood was marred by poverty and family hardships. His mixed-race heritage—born to white and Native American parents—added complexity to his upbringing. His father’s battle with alcoholism cast a shadow over their home.

At the age of 23, Allen experienced a profound spiritual transformation at the Onward Methodist Church in Miller, Missouri. There, he encountered the Baptism with the Holy Spirit through a Pentecostal preacher. This encounter ignited his calling to preach, and he aligned himself with the Assemblies of God, receiving ordination in 1936.

Ministry and Healing Revivals

Allen’s journey led him to pastor a small church in Colorado before assuming leadership of a large Assemblies of God congregation in Corpus Christi, Texas. However, it was a tent revival meeting hosted by Oral Roberts in 1949 that altered the course of Allen’s life. Inspired by the healing ministry, he left his church and embarked on his own healing revival meetings.

His charismatic presence and reported healings garnered a devoted following. Allen pioneered national television ministry, blending preaching, testimony, music, and fervent prayer for the sick. African-American singer and choir leader Gene Martin often provided the musical backdrop to Allen’s healing line ministry.

Controversies and Decline

In 1955, Allen faced legal trouble when he was arrested for suspected drunk driving in Knoxville, Tennessee. His subsequent resignation from the Assemblies of God led to re-ordination by his newly formed Miracle Revival Fellowship. Despite these challenges, Allen continued to draw crowds and impact lives.

Tragically, Allen’s life took a dark turn. He battled alcoholism, and on June 11, 1970, at the age of 59, he succumbed to alcohol-related liver failure in a coma at the Jack Tar Hotel in San Francisco, California. His legacy endures, and he rests at his ministry headquarters in Miracle Valley, Arizona.

Remembering A. A. Allen

A. A. Allen’s story is one of faith, healing, and human frailty. His impact on the world of evangelism remains significant, even as questions linger about the circumstances of his passing. His light, like a comet across the spiritual sky, continues to inspire seekers and believers alike.

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