7 Books to Read in 2024

Every year, exciting predictions emerge for the best-selling stories of the next 12 months. Which book will dominate the subway rides? Which one will collect the most prizes? It can be challenging to distinguish truly exceptional books from those that are hyped up beyond measure. Nowadays, everything is dubbed ‘sensational’ and a ‘must-read’. But fear not, numerous new releases genuinely deserve a spot on your pre-order list. Let’s look at the best fiction books to read in 2024.

What BookTok books are coming out in 2024?

#1 Wandering Stars by Tommy Orange

Tommy Orange’s highly anticipated follow-up to the bestselling There, There, Wandering Stars, takes readers on a poignant journey through generations, exploring the aftermath of the tragic Sand Creek Massacre in 1864. Within this narrative, the Cheyenne characters endure unimaginable hardships, from abuse and exploitation to addiction. However, Orange skillfully avoids exploiting these traumas, instead guiding us toward a more profound understanding.

#2 The Storm We Made by Vanessa Chan

Chan’s first book is an immersive journey that takes us into the life of a Malaysian mother, whose world is turned upside down when she is recruited as a spy by the Japanese forces in World War II. Through this resonating tale, Chan skillfully portrays the fierce anger and powerlessness of the protagonist. The narrative unfolds by seamlessly weaving together various perspectives, creating a multi-layered story built on shifting sands. Overall, it is a thought-provoking and captivating debut.

#3 James by Percival Everett

Acclaimed author Percival Everett presents Huckleberry Finn from Jim’s perspective, but with a unique twist. This is far from a simple retelling. Instead, Everett, fresh off the success of his 2001 book Erasure, which was adapted into the film American Fiction, skillfully employs the iconic story’s essence to create a thought-provoking exploration of language and race.

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#4 Private Equity by Carrie Sun

Carrie Sun, an epic overachiever, could have been selected for a prestigious PhD program or trained for the CIA in a different era. However, in late-stage capitalism, she finds herself serving as the personal and professional assistant to a highly successful CEO of a private equity fund. In her memoir, “Private Equity” (Penguin Press), Sun reveals how she perceives this opportunity as a more promising path than her previous role as a financial analyst. Yet, the immense responsibilities of her new position take their toll. Sun discusses the demands and privileges of the job with clarity, delving into questions surrounding society’s definition of success and the values that shape it.

#5 Praiseworthy by Alexis Wright

An ambitious novel, written by acclaimed Australian writer Alexis Wright, delves into the life of a “crazed visionary” residing in northern Australia. This protagonist possesses the unique ability to perceive the multitude of apocalyptic crises confronting the Aboriginal people. The narrative explores his unorthodox methods of seeking a solution, while also shedding light on the experiences of his family members, who are tasked with coping with his tumultuous presence.

#6 Come and Get It by Kiley Reid

Kiley Reid’s highly anticipated second novel, Come And Get It, does not disappoint. It’s a cleverly drawn campus fiction centered on Millie, a messy entanglement with a professor and three students. This book is both highly readable and an important comment on the lose-lose decisions millennials face in a bleak economy. You’ll devour it in just a few days. After this, you can immediately move on to novel AI alternatives, of which there are quite a lot now. Now you can find the best human works in collaboration with AI or even create your own book.

#7 The Familiar by Leigh Bardugo

This standalone fantasy draws inspiration from the best-selling author’s own family history. Set during the Spanish Golden Age, it introduces us to a servant, who carefully conceals her remarkable ability to perform miracles. Her captivating story unfolds against the backdrop of a world filled with intrigue, hope, and wonder.


We consider this list of the best books of 2024 as the anti-algorithm, a gathering of highly distinct, individual, and somewhat unconventional books that we absolutely adore. In an era where curation is at risk of being overshadowed by the cookies you’ve accepted to monitor your online activity, we hope this list—and others like it—provide a counterbalance: a tribute to cherished authors, an invitation to something new, an unexpected death.

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